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Our local airport, with the ICAO Airport Identifier KROC. More information about airlines and flights are available in the How To Get To Rochester.

Getting to the Airport

The airport is located in the suburb of Gates, southwest of the city on the 390 expressway. It is served by the number 2 bus and taxis. There are two entrances to the airport loop one from the Brooks Ave West exit of 390 expressway; make sure you stay in the right lane and take the ramp. The other is from Scottsville Rd between the police station and the gas station and can be difficult to find.

Parking is available in a parking structure and in an on-airport shuttle lot. The shuttle service, which is run by the airport, is relatively quick and efficient, by major airport standards.


After a remodeling project completed in Summer 2005, all of the airport amenities are available only to passengers who have passed through a security checkpoint.

Cost and Alternatives

Rochester had traditionally been one of the most expensive destinations in the United States. The recent arrival of budget carriers [WWW]JetBlue and [WWW]AirTran have moderated the average ticket cost at ROC, but it is still expensive to fly to and from here. Some flyers travel to Buffalo to fly [WWW]Southwest Airlines or other carriers that have cheaper fares because of the competition there.

General Aviation & Private Charter

n800j.jpgPrivate Gulfstream IV taking off Runway 28 ©2007 Christopher Wahl

The Airport also has two FBOs (Fixed Based Operations) which provide aviation services to both tenant and transient aircraft. Both FBOs have their main facilities on Scottsville Road. Each have contracts with different airlines to provide fuel services. The five large tanks that can be seen when passing the airport on Interstate 390 are filled with 45,000 gallons of Jet-A (at max capacity), a fuel made from refined kerosene and pumped into turbine powered aircraft. The fuel farm, as it is called, is owned by Monroe County, but run by USAirports.


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2009-07-29 15:07:38   Is there covered bicycle parking at the airport? —PatrickR