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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Users/GerirSalmonslast modified 19 hours 39 minutes ago
banned peteb
Locksmith Services GerirSalmons

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rob's Kabobslast modified 23 hours 18 minutes ago
(No comment) markjackson
Upload of image RobsKabobs.jpg. markjackson
Bauman's Barbershoplast modified at 09:35 PM
(No comment) MichaelBauman
Skateboardinglast modified at 11:59 AM
alpha skate parks alexandergartley
removed state from park listings (all in NY) alexandergartley
+Johnson Park alexandergartley
SWBR Architectslast modified at 11:57 AM
The Upper Crustlast modified at 11:03 AM
Martha Jane's Bakerylast modified at 11:01 AM
M&M Great Cakeslast modified at 11:00 AM
removed address macro alexandergartley
Eco Bellalast modified at 10:59 AM
removed dead URL alexandergartley
Dragon Sweetielast modified at 10:59 AM
Darn Good Cookie Co.last modified at 10:56 AM
The Cupcake Dreamerylast modified at 10:55 AM
removed address link alexandergartley
moved logo alexandergartley
Bernunzio's Deli & Bakerylast modified at 10:55 AM
fixed address alexandergartley
Jobslast modified at 09:54 AM
-Ajilon Consulting alexandergartley
South Winton Roadlast modified at 09:54 AM
-Ajilon Consulting alexandergartley
Companies/Human Resourceslast modified at 09:54 AM
-Ajilon Consulting alexandergartley
Gone, But Not Forgottenlast modified at 09:53 AM
+Ajilon Consulting alexandergartley
Ajilon Consultinglast modified at 09:53 AM
added info about merger alexandergartley
indented description per GBNF style alexandergartley
removed address macro alexandergartley
former location alexandergartley
Abundant Life Bible Churchlast modified at 09:45 AM
created page alexandergartley
Spiritual Organizationslast modified at 09:44 AM
+Abundant Life Bible Church alexandergartley
My Apartment Barlast modified at 09:36 AM
added caution note about fire alexandergartley
changed to official name alexandergartley
Renamed from "My Apartment" (official name) alexandergartley
My Apartmentlast modified at 09:31 AM
Renamed to "My Apartment Bar" alexandergartley
Lost Rochester Bandslast modified at 09:05 AM
Comment added. sabrefreeeek

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