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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tru Salonlast modified 9 hours 54 minutes ago
cleanup Damiankumor
Companies/Energylast modified 12 hours 13 minutes ago
(No comment) Geotherm

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tru Salonlast modified at 04:57 PM
(quick edit) rachelmccooey
(quick edit) rachelmccooey
(quick edit) rachelmccooey
EMMAlast modified at 04:36 PM
Added reasonable version of info from edit 15 badfish
Revert to version 14 (Previous edit had a point but was an exaggeration). badfish
Texas Bar-B-Q Jointlast modified at 04:06 PM
Renamed from "Taste of Texas Bar-B-Q" (they changed their name a while back) alexandergartley
Taste of Texas Bar-B-Qlast modified at 04:06 PM
Renamed to "Texas Bar-B-Q Joint" alexandergartley
Park Point at RITlast modified at 04:06 PM
(No comment) alexandergartley
+Brandani's Pizza alexandergartley
+Texas Bar-B-Q Joint alexandergartley
Brandani’s Pizzalast modified at 04:05 PM
Renamed from "Brandani's" (official name) alexandergartley
Brandani'slast modified at 04:05 PM
Renamed to "Brandani’s Pizza" alexandergartley
Eldre Corporationlast modified at 12:12 PM
Updated company name Accelm

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