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This page is for archiving comments prior to 2008 for Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.

2006-12-15 10:07:39   Pretty nice. Been there a couple of times. Hibachi tables throughout. Plenty of big fire. Fun for kids (the chefs like to use a ketchup bottle gag with a string that squirts out). —AndrewWheeland

2006-12-15 15:00:17   Never been dissapointed here.... —PeteB

2006-12-20 00:03:51   Great sushi and authentic japaneese cuisine in an intamate setting. Best nigiri in town. —DjEberhart

2007-03-31 22:37:22   The sushi is fine although I prefer being able to see a sushi bar, instead of a restaurant style seating. The food is fine and there are a bunch of "buy one get one meal free" coupons in the non profit book which you can find on the Deals page. —TravisOwens

2007-04-26 19:40:16   My family has been here several times and has never had a bad meal...always enjoyable —PeteB

2007-06-14 07:24:06   Excellent sushi. For both of my visits the fish has been fresh, and the sushi was artfully constructed. Nice mix of flavors. Well done! For those who sit at the sushi bar, the chef is quite friendly —EastSideStephen

2007-06-20 14:34:59   Never have had a bad experience here. Excellent sushi and excellent hibachi. The fish is of really high quality. They also have mochi - definitely a plus!

The servers are polite and also give great suggestions as to what to order. —OneLove

2007-08-25 09:00:10   The only bad thing about the place is that by the time you finish your pretty (and filling and tasty) nigiri, you can't remember what you ordered for next time.

We went with friends once and they ordered a roll that looked like a miniature garden. We couldn't remember the name and I haven't been able to find it again. —DaveMahon