Wegman Building

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WegmanBuilding800.JPGPhoto St Patricks Day 2009, BradMandell

80 West Main Street, Rochester NY, 14604 [Directions]

The Wegman Building, pictured at right, is a four-story brick building on West Main Street that was built in 1890 and has been renovated several times (most recently in 1984). The building is currently leased office space. 1

Current tenants include the Monroe County Reentry Task Force and the Monroe County Office of Probation.

The building is owned by Wegman Building Associates.

Anyone have history of the building signage to "Wegman Building"?
WegmanBuildingSignage.jpgBuilding Signage from Photo at right


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2016-02-02 20:57:11   Replying to the line on the article asking about the history of the building name:

82-84 W Main Street was sold by Carl Raimond on June 26, 1998 to "Wegman Building Associates LLC" for $75,000. No idea if they're related to the owners of the supermarkets. —sub619