Abandoned Penfield Rinky Dink mini golf course


The Abandoned Penfield Rinky Dink mini golf course was located on Panorama Trail South between Vision Dodge and the driving range on North Washington Street. It's been closed for several years and the property has not been kept up, so it's quite overgrown. The putting green carpet is torn off of most of the course, probably by the skaters that have been seen utilizing the more interesting holes for skating practice. There's a small amount of graffiti and it looks like someone used the ticket stand as target practice, but for the most part the destruction of the wooden benches and stairways seems to be from the weather and plants.

As of 9/22/07, the courses have been dismantled. All the wood seen in the pictures has been removed and all structures have been torn down including the light house and the ticket house. The parking lot has been bulldozed and there are piles of dirt and rocks in the corners. You can still find a lot of golf balls and putters though and it's still an interesting place to look around.

August 12, 2014 - This lot has been cleared out completely; trees, light posts, and all. Does anybody know what is being built on the land?

UPDATE: Oct 6, 2016: A Hampton Inn is currently under construction here.

rinkydink01.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink03.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink04.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink05.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink06.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink07.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink08.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink09.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink10.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink11.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink13.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink14.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler rinkydink15.jpgPhoto by Adrienne Dahler