Add-En-On Kennels

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112 Pond Road, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2006)
Monday - Saturday: 7:00AM to 6:00PM
Sunday: 1:00PM to 5:00PM
585 624 1155
<addenon4 AT aol DOT com>

Add-En-On Kennels is a dog kennel, offering grooming and training services. Located in Mendon Ponds Park.


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2007-05-29 16:35:10   Read the small print, they reserve the right to put multiple dogs in a run. —RachelRobbins

2007-07-26 21:59:25   I have been using this particular kennel for over 10 years now. I have to say that my dog gets so excited the minute I turn down Pond Road that I can barely keep her in the car, then she leaps out and runs to the front door and is always greeted warmly by the staff. She never appears hesitant at all about going and actually seems quite excited to visit. They have story time, fun walks, play time and more available, of course for an extra fee. We have had her groomed there multiple times
and though she is not a high maintenance dog like some she is always beautiful when I pick her up. Rhonda is one of the managers and she takes really good care of the dogs at her kennel. —DeniseElliott

2007-10-23 12:24:45   Its not that you shouldn't take your dog there for grooming...they just haven't had a good groomer in the last year or so...but in all honesty, the grooming there is generally great! I know some of the people who work there...and as far as the fine print part goes, they do reserve the right to put mulitple dogs in runs, but the chances of it happening are basically none. So don't worry...its a great kennel! —AlissaCoates

2008-07-16 17:43:44   I personally wouldn't use this kennel. I dont want to defame the business, but I've heard nothing but bad things from people I know who have taken their dogs there. Beware. —NickTraino

2008-07-17 17:05:53   This has been a fine place to board my much-loved dog for many years. Anyone who wants to know what it is like should not listen or read idle gossip about this kennel but, rather, should go there for a tour. I would recommend it highly. —gailharms

2008-10-28 00:28:34   The people are nice here and the reception area is bright and clean and cheerful. But have you ever been on a tour of the kennel? It is dark, VERY dirty and cold! Did you know that if you don't bring your dog's food, that they serve your beloved K9 some wet slop on a newspaper, dropped on the floor of the kennel? And the water buckets are only changed out every-other day. No fresh water for Fido until tomorrow :( And they don't have a groomer. If you request grooming, it is done by the kennel help, most of who do not know anything about grooming. Next time you think of boarding your pet there, PLEASE ask for a tour! Fido will thank you for not leaving him there!!!! —SeenaLott

2008-11-29 11:29:14   Okay let me fill all of in how Addenon really works...First of all I did the basic grooming, and I do know a fair share about it.Yes i was kennel staff and office staff and doggie day care staff too...Addenon is one of the worst places you could ever take your dog. I don't even know where to begin...They feed Joy dog food which is worse than any generic brand you is all fillers and nasty so if your dog gets too skinny or fat or diarrhea its from that. The kennel itself is disgusting and dirty. Most of it looks 70 plus years old. It is freezing in the winter in there. The summer is blazing hot with no air conditioning. Dogs are not taken to the vet unless absolutely necessary. If your dog is oozing puss from its stomach and is one giannt infection it won't get taken to the vet for atleast a week. If your dog is dying and on its death bed they won't take it to the vet. The water is not changed every day nor sometimes every other day. Dogs are put together that are not from the same family almost every holiday. If you have ever went on a tour you may wonder where the other 50 plus runs are...well they are not runs they are cages no bigger than an old 32 inch not widescreen or anything TV. When the weather is bad say during christmas, easter, and thanksgiving.. those dogs are in those cages for 95 percent of the day maybe getting out 3 times to the seperate runs outside. These dogs are dragged around, pickedup, dropped, and everything else. The cages are sometimes 5 feet off of the grown with cages to the left right and underneath them. They have cob webs and spiders and the section is called cellar. Also they lay on newspapers in there at their bed and nothing else. Ever see all of the runs going horizontally on the right of you when you drive down the exit part of the driveway...those are the runs to the cages. Ever wonder why it takes so long for them to bring your dog up sometimes? It is probably in one of the little cages. The wondeful play times that all of you clients pay outrageous money for half of the time doesnt get done. You have teenage punks and young kids that want to just stand there with the dog while the dog stares at them. This includes no treats, no ball throwing. On holidays they get ahead on the dog walking so your dog may get 3 walks in one day but not another walk for 3 or 4 days. The cleaning chemicals they use are not safe for animals or people and the cat litter they use is OIL FLOOR ABSORBENT CALLED HI-DRI. It says right on the bag causes lung cancer. The main person in charge is Michelle and she is a liar. Everything she says is a lie. No one in the office or anyone takes care of the dogs. The people in the back do. The people in the office put on some act like oh i will go see how spark is doing...or oh sparky is doing fine jumping around and barking, but really sparky probably hasn't eaten in 3 days, has diarrhea, and is shaking in the corner because it is so scared and wants to attack anyone. IF AND WHEN your dog does go to the vet, Michelle will say oh I took the dog myself to the vet and blah blah blah...YEAH RIGHT a person from the back took the dog..No matter how many times people tell them how bad they are ruining their business and how we want to take better care of the dogs and we try the best we can, and no matter what we did or said...they didn't care. They care about making money by spending the least amount of money. I tried to make that place better..I tried and tried because I love dogs and I loved all of the dogs there and if you have brought your dog there I probably know it and could tell you how it really did there. I knew 90 percent of the dogs that boarded there by heart, knew most of their owners. But the people in the back don't get a stay. The few good people that did work there do not work there anymore. Myself and a couple of other people couldn't take it because our hearts were telling us it wasn't right...for so long we wanted to change and fix and better and tried, and then we couldn't quit because who would take care of the dogs..who would make sure they are fed and medicated and everything. You may not believe it but DOGS DIE THERE MORE THAN ANY OTHER KENNEL AROUND I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT. In the first 3 weeks after I quit 2 dogs died. Parker Fishman-a 9 year old chocolate lab mix and he was healthy and normal but they let the dogs eat too fast, not raised, and what happens he dies of bloat. Another dog Sassy Dimarzo, an 11 year old golden shepherd mix..she was looking rough..her time was coming..they let her lay there for a few days just dying before anyone decided she needed to go the vet and before they even took her she died. The dogs that die there go in perfectly healthy. Have you ever wondered why 8 or 9 times out of 10 that you pick your dog up it has diarrhea? Well a constant nasty virus is going around. Dogs get so stressed out there that they get sick. ....I am not trying to talk horribly about addenon for my own sake, or because I care that i don't work there anymore...I am doing it because I love animals and I want to see them taken care of. If I had a milliom dollars I would build my own kennel and no one would have to worry about anything. I would make it perfect because I would literally make it home for them. Oh and RHONDA...never did anything in the back..she never one day worked with those dogs..she knew nothing about how they were eating, she did not take them to the vet..she did not do any of it...we..the people who work in the back in the kennel were the ones but we never got any credit for it at all. NOR was Rhonda a manager she worked there for ten years and may 11.85 an hour...haha funny....She got fired for lying to the clients and hiding old credit card reciepts and transactions so hahaha...who did what here? I am sorry to open your eyes all fellow Addenon is all a joke, a coverup, if you don't believe have your son or daughter apply there and work over one holiday...Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the 4th of July, and tell them to really pay attention and listen and watch. They will see what happens behind closed doors. —unknownauthor

2008-11-29 11:33:43   Oh and the Harms Lady who commented here...Topper's mom I would assume? Well I Can promise you that there were times topper was not fed right recieving either a whole bag of his preproportioned food in the morning or medications (half pill) were given wrong. Times that too much food was used of his so he ran out and had to eat joy, and then times where he had leftovers and wasn't supposed to so they throw them out on the way down the hallways....OHHHHH AND I FORGOT TO SAY IN THE FIRST ONE...99.75 PERCENT OF THE BEDS, TOYS, ROPES, CLOTHES, ETC THAT YOU SEND WITH YOUR ANIMAL IS NOT PUT IN THE CAGE...ITS DOWN THE HALLWAYS AND IN CLOSETS ALL LABELED...EVER WONDER WHY 75% OR MORE OF THE TIME YOUR ITEMS SENT WITH YOUR DOG ARE LOST...that is dog has what is actually theirs..ever..unless the owner comes back with the dog to drop it off then the bed and whatever else is quickly taken out once the owner leaves. —unknownauthor

2008-12-11 20:28:35   I used to work there as well. All I can say is that REQUEST a tour of the facility! If they tell you it has to be at a scheduled time, RUN. And this is applicable for ANY grooming shop, boarding facility, or vet office. If they won't let you tour any section at any given time, then you need to find another place. I never worked in the kennel section, but I saw enough. Tour ALL of the facilities, research the diets they use, ask as many questions as possible. Any place that places non-familial pets together is asking for trouble. Please, for the safety of your pet, research everything you can about a company before you place your pet's welfare in their hands. —KaraRichardson

2009-01-16 21:52:55   I work at a vet clinic just 2 minutes from addenon...and the cases we get from that kennel are absolutely disgusting. addenon is the worst kennel you could ever send your dog to. the reviews that you read about the water not being fresh or getting changed? so true. about 50% of the sick/hurt/maimed dogs that come in are suffering from dehydration. we euthanize so many of these animals because they are so far beyond our help. addenon waits till your dogs ear is rotting and practically falling off before they bring it in. the dogs there get in fights and get hurt, and the kennel "workers" don't bring them in till it's almost too late. my heart breaks every time i look at the schedule at the clinic and see that we have ANOTHER addenon case coming in. the owners have no idea who or what kind of people they are leaving their beloved animals with. all they get is a phone call saying that their dog is in the hospital, and needs to possibly be euthanized. the chocolate lab named Parker that is named earlier in this review list was a patient at the clinic. i held that dog as he was euthanized. it was so heartbreaking to see that, and i think that every owner needs to know what they are in for when they leave their dogs at addenon kennels... —Stephaniebagwell

2009-02-13 10:12:25   I worked at this kennel for over 2 years and i can say that every negative comment on this site is sadly true. as for the positive comments, one was written by the owners daughter, and the other by a sadly mis-informed client. This kennels owners DO NOT take dogs to the vet until it is far too late. Do not take your dog here!! I have seen countless healthy happy dogs walk into the kennel and end up dying because of the poorly educated staff, and most of all the money hungry owners. all they care about is lying to everyone to try to make their business look good. the reason that i quit was because they would not allow me to take an extremely ill pet to the vets for 2 days. By the time i convinced them to let me take the dog...He had to be hooked up tp all kinds of I.V's and stay at the vets for 5 days!!! i stayed there for so long because i felt like i could be a voice for the dogs that were there sadly i realized that money is the only thing that really matters to them. Please Please do not bring your dogs here. It is horrible and still keeps me up at night worrying about what those dogs that i loved are going through. —withheld

2009-04-17 11:06:56   Someone clearly had a bad experience at Add-en-on. It's no coincidence, I expect, that most of these bad reviews sound the same. My guess is they're written by the same person (other than the one long one that's impossible to read). I took a tour (not pre-arranged) of Add-en-on before taking my dog there. Things were clean, dogs were happy, they had blankets, clean water. I've taken my dog there for years, and he loves it. He's always eager to go in, loves the staff, and never had a problem. I'd say before you take your dog anywhere, get a tour and talk to people. But I've had nothing but good experiences. —IamBob

2009-05-03 20:52:27   this place sucks. They let my dog eat half of his tail before they took him to the vet. how ridiculous is this, my dog died the next day from dehydration —unknown

2009-05-16 19:06:48   You know what is sad that people post nasty comments on here and cant even use there name. My boys work there and i know they are very animal oriented and would never allow any of the kind of treatment that is posted on here to go on. They would have quit if that were the case. Both boys are very happy there. —kelliegeiger

2010-02-20 22:26:26   OKAY first of all ! I worked for addenon My sister worked for ADD-EN-ON and my best friend worked for ad-en-on. Michelle the manager is a liar and will lie to clients faces to make herself look better! She really does not like animals and wants to just make a profit. You need to take a tour of the facility since it is discusting! there is a 50 percent chance you will get your dog back alive! I know the woman who lives in the house next door and they have told me there is aspestice in the basement as well as the kennel. DO NOT BOARD your dog here! PLEASE go to boom-town which I work for now and they know how to treat animals! —Whitney

2010-03-05 12:11:05   I'll preface this by stating that the following are Facts, not Opinions. I had the misfortune to work here for a brief period of time.
In the winter, the kennels are FREEZING! Many times, I walked up and down the runs and witnessed dogs shivering so hard they could not stand up. That is a fact.
The dogs sleep in cement runs, on a wooden pallet (that is, nuch of the time, falling apart and too small). The wooden pallet is then covered with a dish towel or an old T-shirt. This is the extent of the comfy amenities our doggies enjoy while they stay at add-en-on.
Everything you drop off with your dog is stored in a cupboard for the duration of their stay. No chews, treats, blankets, toys, or anything else you can think of will be allowed to stay with poochie.
If you decide to get sparky's nails clipped, you can be sure that Sparky will endure a bloody and painful experience. The groomers use a medication which quickly stops the bleeding, so the owners never know what happened. If you want to get your dogs toenails clipped, Do Not Get It Done At Add-en-on. It is a form of torture here.
If you choose to have Sparky eat the food here, then they will be eating a soupy mess right off the cement floor.
If Sparky comes home feeling ill, it's probably because he's dehydrated from not wanting to drink the fithy water that is served here.
Oh, and if you want Sparky to go for a walk, chances are, the staff are too busy, and he will never get his walk, or play time, or whatever it's called now. You can be sure, though, that the charges for these activities will remain on your bill.
If you choose to board Sparky during a busy holiday, he may be crammed into a crate built to house bunnies; he will see the light of day for about 15 mins a day, and he will sit in his own filth for most of the day. This is due to the fact that the owners overbook, but since they love the money, they do not turn you away. They will find space for your doggie.
The staff who work in the back of the kennel are generally very nice to the dogs, but they are overworked, and they too have to deal with squallid concitions. Basically, they do their best with what they have.

2010-03-05 12:32:07   Oh, and one more thing. If your dog need specific medications or feeding regimes, you can be sure that he will not receive either the proper medication or at the right time. So, basically, if you still think that you should let Sparky stay for a while, please, please make sure that he is healthy and strong PRIOR to his stay! Dogs that are old, frail, or sick will have a very hard time here. It's heart breaking to see these little, old, sick, frail doggies housed right next to a snarling, barking Rottie. But the kennel operators do not see what goes on with your dog because all they're seeing is Dollar Signs. They do not care about your dog.
This is the truth.

2010-04-12 12:23:10   oh my god...I used to take my dogs here all the time. I stopped a few years ago when Michelle told me my dog had fleas and gave her a bath without my consent. My dog did not have fleas. I had taken every dog I ever had there, now I feel horrible. I had a lab mix who had cancer and I left her there thinking she was getting her meds and her food. how horrible. I go to Boom Town with my aussies and my lab mix. I love them there its clean and bright and they are all very friendly. I just wonder how long it has been this bad-we started going there in the 80s. thanks for all the posts we need to know this stuff. —hollysouthcott

2010-04-12 14:53:10   Whitney...thanks for posting that you work at Boom Towne and recommending them they are great! —hollysouthcott

2012-02-10 23:51:33   I have worked at the kennel for sometime. No place is perfect, however the negative comments are not completely accurate. Water buckets get completely changed and washed every other day. Water is checked at least 3 times a day - if water is muddy/ is to be dumped and replaced with clean water. Now I can tell you there are MANY times I have done this only to see immediately after receiving their fresh water, the dog jumping with both feet into the bucket or putting his whole face in. If water is low, then more is added....if it seems like a dog does not come inside much, then a bucket is placed outside as well. Generally, no the dogs do not get everything the owner leaves for them - This is why: Rugs/beds/ owner came in with a beautiful comforter for her dog at a time when we did give them regularly though we advised against it saying "we could not guarantee they would get it back", well the very first night the dog next to hers pulled part of the comforter through the fence and tore it to shreds....owner was furious. Unless things are labeled REALLY well, it will be washed with 100+ other towels/beds/blankets. As much as we used to warn people and they would say it was ok, when they came back..they were upset it was not in the same condition it was brought in. Rawhides/chews...too great a risk of choking. Flea baths - we DO NOT WANT TO GIVE FLEA BATHS! But, we do not want fleas - once fleas come into the kennel it is a disaster! They multiply in the runs, playschool areas, walk ways...then dogs who did not come in with them go home with them. They would rather err on the side of caution and give an incoming dog a flea bath if there was the slightest evidence of fleas in order to prevent a disaster. Most of the dogs that board seem pretty happy there - they have the opportunity for more activity than they may ordinarily get. It is a large kennel, so when we are really busy, each dog does not get the individual attention they may be used to. Feeding - every dog is fed in a bowl and they are washed every morning after breakfast (ALL OF THEM). Yes, they feed joy - no secret....most owners bring in their own food, though it is surprising the number of dogs who dont eat it. It is a large kennel and it is a long walk to certain sections (Top, Gold, North and Middle) so if your dog is there it will take awhile to get them - not because they are in a cage...Do dogs get sick - sure they do - why; sometimes stress, more often than not, a dog came in with something and spread it (hmmm just like when kids go to school, germs spread). They do their best to contain and/or treat it as best they can. —Pug

2012-10-06 14:44:59   This place needs to get inspected and shut down! Don't understand how they stay in business! My dog lost 20# while in their care! She got sick and refused to eat. They NEVER CALLED ME. She needed immediate vet care when i picked her up! She also had sores on her legs from sitting on set concrete during her stay! I could go on and on and on. BEWARE! —amandaking

2014-01-15 21:17:06   I toured this place today, as I am looking for a place to board my cat. I was disgusted and appalled by the condition of the kennels, for both the cats and the dogs. I cannot understand any of the positive reviews I see on this place. There was no heat in the animal areas (in January) and they were extremely run-down and filthy. They should be inspected by the ASPCA. —LoriL.