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Please direct your comments and concerns to the active members listed on this page if our conflict resolution mailing list does not come to a timely resolution or your question or concern is relatively straightforward.

While members of the AdminGroup may carry additional clout at times, authority ultimately rests in the wiki community, particularly as demonstrated on the site's Talk pages, mailing list and monthly meetings. You might think of us as a highly vigilant clean up crew, not administrators in any traditional sense of the term, although even that isn't quite right. Further, there is no hierarchy within the AdminGroup. Although some members are more active in discussions than others, all members of the group have an equal say.

You can reach the admin group by e-mail at <info AT rocwiki DOT org>. As of July 2008, PeteB, DaveMahon and Rottenchester receive messages sent to this account. They share the messages with the other members of the AdminGroup, usually by e-mail, to help protect the privacy of what is said.

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