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This is the section of the wiki for all things having to do with the wiki management. As such, this page is locked for editing. You may request changes on the Talk page.


RocWiki is a community edited site about Rochester, NY. While we don't allow anonymous editing, we do allow anyone to sign up, and once they have an ID, they can add content to their hearts desire. RocWiki is written and maintained collaboratively by volunteers, and was partially inspired by [daviswiki]DavisWiki.

Subsections of Wiki Community


Do's and Don'ts

Spread the Word

Editing Highlights


Wiki Events

Proposals & Drafts

Other Stuff

2007-07-10 17:19:09   I noticed the rocwiki creative commons links are to the url: [WWW] However, rocwiki has been licensed under a simple cc-by (not sa) forever. I think someone was trying to update the 2.0 links to 3.0 and pasted in the wrong url (I hope. I dislike -sa). If rocwiki is moving to the more restrictive -sa then other areas of the site need updating, such as the edit agreement text. It should be noted that if you move to -sa you will never be able to move back to just simple cc-by. —PhilipNeustrom