Wiki Community/Not Offenses


This is related to Offenses, and it a list of things that may be distasteful, annoying, or rude, but aren't something worth warning or banning people over. Since we all have a different view of what is allowed (or not allowed) Offenses covers the "This crosses the line" stuff, this covers the "Here is some more drawings of where the line is" territory.1

Please also see Wiki Community/Etiquette for a more general guide to Wiki enjoyment.

Not Offenses

Bad Spell1ing or Grammer

Not an Offense. Evar.

Creating a page that might-not be Rochester related

Seriously, things *should* be Rochester related, but it's not a rule set in concrete. If something is very general, and there is probably a Wikipedia page on it, we will probably close/remove it. Please don't make pages about your pet fish. But if you have a compulsion and you absolutely have to, no one is going to kick you out over it.

Bad Humor

There is a wide variety of what passes as 'humor' in the world. At least try not to be outright offensive, and know that Racial/sexist stuff is going to get nuked pretty quick. If contributors think you crossed a line, they will let you know.

If you catch someone crossing 'the line', please don't be holier-than-thou. Comment on it and explain why, and what was offensive, and let the person explain themselves if it's not too bad. If it's pretty offensive go ahead and remove it, but explain why and what-for.

Bad Language

Oh @#%#. We've never much talked about this. Currently we don't have much of a problem, so for now, just don't be an ass about it.