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Anything that increases traffic to the wiki is generally positive promotion. Greater traffic allows us to better serve the community, and brings more people likely to be interested in contributing content or making donations. Feel free to promote on your own or join one of the below listed efforts:


Linking to the wiki is one of the easiest ways to help the site, and it has a tremendous impact. Not only do links help by directly bringing people to our site, but as more accumulate around the net it also improves our search engine rankings. So help spread the word through blogs, forums, and any other sites you have access to. If you find our content interesting, help point other people to it.


Stickers have been printed to help promote the wiki offline. There is currently a campaign to help place them around town1 that you're welcome to join. The stickers are available for free, the bulk of which are currently stored at the Ant Hill Cooperative. Others have been left at friendly stores around town where you can probably pick up a few, including:

See the mailing list for more info.


FarMcKon has designed a prototype shirt for the wiki.


The RocWiki orgnization has an e-mail at [MAILTO], which is checked weekly.


Feel free to add your own ideas for promotion projects.

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