Wiki Community/November 2013 Meeting

Meeting Date & Time
Sunday, November 17 1pm
Jay's Diner

Those present: PeteB, Damiankumor, RyanTucker, DawnTucker, EileenF

Those present were in disagreement about whether an organization or corporation should have a single account for use by more than one person. No consensus could be reached. PeteB will write up something for us to consider at a future date.

No. We are going to stay focussed on the Rochester market. We note the closure of several other upstate community wikies due to lack of community interest.

PeteB will work on Henrietta material; DamianKumar claims Greece; and RyanTucker will promote Swillburg.

Maybe. PeteB will write something up.

No one present to speak to this matter.

RocWiki software (sycamore) is no longer being developed. RyanTucker is working on LocalWiki.

No one present to speak to this matter.

January 26, 1 pm, Jay's Diner. You're welcome to attend and voice your opinions. The fries are pretty good too.