Wiki Community/June 2010 Wiki Meeting

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Sunday, June 27th
1:30 pm
Gather at the [WWW]Custom Brewcrafters retail store in Honeoye Falls.

We will tour the brewery at 2:00 pm, sample the wares, and after a short break, reconvene at the The Brewery Pub & Grill for more beer and food and friendly discussion on all things RocWikish (and a few that aren't). The Brewery does not currently carry CB products but they do have some microbrews on tap. Weather and numbers permitting, we may be seated on the patio overlooking the stream that once powered Zebulon Norton's mills.

All RocWiki contributors are invited to join in the fun at our June 2010 Wiki Meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting:

Present: John L, PeteB, RyanTucker, DawnTucker

1. Updates to site: Our sysadmin is taking calculus during summer school. Our hosting provider, Linode, upgraded the memory allowances on their plans across-the-board. As such, RocWiki is now running with 512 MB of RAM, up from the previous 360 MB.

2. Wiki Spot: Wiki Spot folks have a large grant to develop city wikis (LocalWiki), especially the software. Sycamore, our current software, is about 6 years old, has few developers and few users. One of the benefits of Sycamore is that we can track IPs, which is useful with regards to spammers. Regardless, we don't believe now is the time to move to Wiki Spot. The current sysadmin and those gathered would prefer to remain with Sycamore and independent of Wiki Spot. Pete is interested in pursuing a collaborative relationship with them, and we may reconsider this matter later. RocWiki folks might wish to check out [WWW]the LocalWiki site.

3. Senior Editors: It was suggested that we discuss the matter of a senior editor. Infrastructure pages, such as the homepage and lists of links to other RocWiki pages, are vulnerable to vandalism and deletion. In response these pages have been locked and may only be edited by a few users with privileges. It appears that RocWiki needs more administrator-type people, but few contributors are experienced and known to the admins, and fewer are willing. Ergo, a senior editor with permissions to edit but few administrative duties was suggested.

We believe that there is no need for a senior editor. Either one is a RocWiki contributor, or one is not; we do not have a hierarchy of editors. RocWiki administration is mostly janitorial in nature: one cleans up spam and takes out the garbage, and it is not a position of power or considerable prestige.

We will continue the practice of existing administrators seeking out and naming new administrators. Pete will contact two current RocWiki contributors to ask them to consider becoming administrators.

Ryan is authorised to review the list of people who currently have administrative privileges and purge the inactive people at his discretion.

4. Next meeting: August 29, 2010. 1:30 pm. Jay's Diner in Henrietta.
We anticipate hearing about new developments: commenting system on Sycamore, new administrators,