Wiki Community/November 2007 Wiki Meeting

Date & Time
November 25, 2007 @ 4:00PM
Jitters Cafe in Southtown Plaza
Don Albrecht
Next Meeting
Jitters Cafe in Southtown Plaza
January 27, 2008 @ 4:00PM

Congratulations! November 23 marked our 5,000th new page! We have also had new registered contributors every day since June 10, 2007. As of the meeting time, we had 2,393 registered accounts.

Some mention of incorporation had been made by various contributors, particularly in the Google group. Doing so would reduce the individual liability of RocWikians and would provide an official channel for contributions. The administrative costs include incorporation filing fees, bank account fees, PO box fees, liability and crime insurance premiums, lawyer fees, as well as any costs associated with acquiring the domain registration, tax filings, etc. As this would likely require an initial investment of at least $2000 would take at least a half-year to complete, and would require at least two individuals to volunteer several hours a week, this should be considered a long-term goal to work towards, not an immediate goal.

Per previous postings on our Google and Facebook groups, we discussed the recent string of issues with trolling, sales pitches and conflict resolution. In situations where the necessary action to be taken is clear, well-established contributors with a history of regularly attending the Contributor's meetings should be able to apply the fix immediately, rather than seeking a consensus opinion on the Google group. They would then be expected to post the applied fix to the Google group to provide an opportunity for meta-moderation.

We also agreed that we should establish RocWiki e-mail addresses for multiple purposes:

Contributor inclusion would be on an invitation-only basis, although contributors are certainly permitted to request an invitation. Inclusion would also add you to the AdminGroup, which has the ability to lock and unlock pages and to ban users. Before being invited, you would be expected to have established a history of good edits AND have attended at least 3 out of the last 5 Contributor's meetings. Invitations should be sent out only after a discussion by current members of the AdminGroup.

Finally, various issues with the technical aspects of the site have been mentioned over the past few months at the Contributor's meetings and on the Google group. Rest assured that our crack technical team are working to resolve these issues, but they are not sure when they will be implemented. Good Things come to those who are patient.

By consensus, we will NOT hold a meeting in December, but will resume our normal schedule in January.