Wiki Community/April 2009 Wiki Meeting


Date: April 26, 2009
Time: 4:00PM - 5:15PM
Location: Jay's Diner
Attendance: PeteB, DaveMahon, RyanTucker, DawnTucker, random passer-by
Next Meeting: TBD Saturday in June at a park somewhere

Discussions: It was agreed that the standard procedure for contacting the AdminGroup is to use the <> address; this will hopefully help ensure the admins are on the same page with issues. Also, all active admins will be on the info@ list.

Given that Rochester has numerous active neighborhood associations, a neighborhood meeting presentation and outreach program was proposed. Ideally, this would help both RocWiki and Rochester's neighborhoods achieve our common goals. To start, RyanTucker is planning to whip something up for the next Swillburg Neighborhood Association meeting.

Nothing new on the website design front.

A fund drive was proposed by RyanTucker to offset the cost of hosting. He noted that the annual hosting bill is due August 1 and will be about $215.46. We haven't heard from RobertPolyn about the domain hosting recently, but that's probably in the vicinity of $10 to $15/year (it's paid up to Nov 2010, by the way -rt). Comments and ideas are invited. A few we came up with included a RocWiki Trivia Night at a bar and/or a cookout.

For those looking for Linux-based virtual private servers, RocWiki's provider (Linode) offers a $20 bounty for referrals using [WWW]our referral link, which is also listed on the Wiki Community/Hosting page.

It was decided to skip the May meeting due to busy schedules. However, for the June meeting, we're planning on a Saturday cookout in a park somewhere. DawnTucker is tentatively working on plans.