Wiki Community/July 2007 Wiki Meeting


A small but undaunted group of Peter, Joanna and Rottenchester attended a RocWiki
meeting today. Here are some of the topics we discussed, the decisions we made, and some food for thought:

1. We're going to try regular meetings and a Facebook group.

Nobody can attend every meeting, so we might as well just start having them regularly in hopes that putting a time out there will help people plan. With that in mind, we arbitrarily picked the last Sunday of every month at 4 p.m. We'll rotate the meeting location, and picked the Old Toad for the next meeting, August 26.

Since Facebook has a pretty good event management function, and since a lot of people on this list are on Facebook, Joanna has created a Facebook group which can be seen here:

[WWW]RocWiki Group on Facebook

We'll try to use this group and the Facebook event function to manage our meetings. We'll still use this list for discussions as usual.
If you're on Facebook, join up.

2. We're looking for people to fill the (informal) roles of those who have left.

The good: Rocwiki continues to have a steady stream of edits and traffic averaging about 2,000 page views per day. The bad: We lost some key contributors and organizers this year.

The people who left (Rob, Far, Adam and others) filled a number of informal roles. One of those roles was meeting organizer. Another was publicist, which included printing up and distributing RocWiki stickers, sending out press releases, etc. A third role was technical staff, working on code and system administration for RocWiki. All of these are thankless but important tasks.

We're going to try to use Facebook and regularly scheduled meetings to help fill in the meeting organization gap. Hopefully, the advance notice of a meeting will help us get a few more contributors out to meetings.

We could really use a publicist - someone willing to write a few emails or make a few calls to local student newspapers, and maybe to distribute stickers or posters when school starts.

As for technical staff, Rottenchester is doing that now, but it would be great to get someone else involved.

3. We've started preliminary discussions with RIT about helping out with RocWiki.

We had a meeting on Friday with some cohorts of ex-Rochesterian Adam Dewitz. These meetings are in the early stages, but the goal is to get RocWiki on the map at RIT, and to have RIT students do projects that will help contribute to design and coding new features for RocWiki.

So, mark your calendars for Sunday, August 26, 4 PM, The Old Toad. If you can't make it, we'll have another meeting in September.

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