Wiki Community/March 2011 Wiki Meeting


RocWiki Contributors' Meeting
Sunday, 13 March 2011
1:30 pm
Jay's Diner on West Henrietta Road

Proposed agenda:

Meeting Minutes

Present: PeteB, RyanTucker, DawnTucker

1) Some type of script to automate updating links

2) Why don't we have an events template yet? Who will make one for DawnTucker?

3) LocalWiki

4) Business Spotlight of the Month

5) Follow-up on Peter Geyer Steakhouse & Sol Burrito issues/ Restaurant Health Complaint Proposal (from PeteB)

6) Mobile compatible RocWiki (If you can make great stylesheets, we have a challenge for you!)

7) Strawberry milkshake drinking contest

Next Meeting: Our Annual Summer Outing. Sunday June 19th at 4:00PM at the Tap & Mallet