Wiki Community/December 2008 Wiki Meeting


Date: December 13, 2008
Time: 2:00PM - 4:30PM
Location: Jay's Diner
Attendance: PeteB, ChrisBank, DaveMahon, EastSideStephen, DawnTucker, RyanTucker
Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for the third Saturday in February

Major Policy Notes: Wiki Community/Offenses now includes shilling as a reason for comment removal. Comments that are extremely off-topic, hateful, and/or clearly intended to be damaging may also be removed, subject to the application of common sense and community consensus. No policy was drafted for this at this time.

Discussions: A lot of discussion about growing RocWiki, meeting the needs of various communities, and outreach to local businesses, governments, and communities occurred. No major consensus was achieved, although we had a lot of thoughtful discussion and a couple ideas about how RocWiki and the small business communities could work together. ChrisBank is considering ways of doing this.

An idea to create a calendar aggregation system was floated. Specifically, something like an RSS feed aggregator, but for calendars, and specific to Rochester. The impetus for this is there are a lot of organizations and groups that have events, but no real way to easily find all of them. This would probably be outside of the core RocWiki engine, but could be integrated with RocWiki's content in some way or another. This will require some research and testing.

A number of server adjustments were suggested and considered. The full list of them is in RyanTucker's binder, but a couple main ones were improving the Share button ([WWW] solved this problem already, how 'bout that), stylesheeting the table background color so it's not an ugly bgcolor tag on every page, and experimentally adding a couple links to Google searches here and there.

DawnTucker ratted out RyanTucker, which resulted in a deployment of delicious cake. A last-minute agenda item proposing the creation of the RocWiki Men's Chorus was quietly, and quickly, tabled, following a very special fair-use-protected performance of [wikipedia]Happy Birthday to You.