Wiki Community/January 2011 Wiki New Year


Hear yea, hear yea! All netizens of RocWiki alliance are invited to attend the next Wiki Contributors' Meeting!

Sunday, 9 January 2011. 1:30 pm. Jay's Diner in Henrietta.

Current Agenda Items:

Minutes of Said Meeting

Present: PeteB, DottieHoffman, RyanTucker, DawnTucker, AaronBPryor
Regrets: DamianKumor

We extend a welcome to a new RocWiki admin, DottieHoffman. Welcome to AaronBPryor, who just moved to the Rochester area from Washington, D.C.

Comment Issues: Ryan reports he will be leaving the matter of comments to the new LocalWiki software. AaronBPryor asked for some background, and Ryan explained the history. Ryan may do some coding over the summer but intends to backburner this issue.

LocalWiki Update: No beta software yet.

Ralph Honda Management: Nobody from Ralph Honda was present. We agree to move the offensive material to another page ( /Talk or /OldComments or somesuch), leave the old Ralph Pontiac page locked, and stay with our protocol for such matters.

Business Spotlight: Need more businesses. We will recycle the list. We note that some businesses have links to us and are generating traffic. We will email BSOM businesses and let them know they're back in the spotlight. February: Shiki Restaurant; March: Nick Tahou's.

Mobile Compatible RocWiki: Damian's suggestion; we await his return.

RocWiki Men's Chorus: We note that it Officially Dead. Never again shall it sing.

DNS Blockage: We've been getting an increase in SPAM and much can be traced back to China. Accordingly, Ryan will block all .cn IPs from editing.

Next Meeting: 13 March 2011. Same bat time, same bat place, same bat channel. All who want a batmobile should join us!