Wiki Community/June 2009 Wiki Meeting


Date: June 28, 2009
Time: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
Location: Buckland Park, Brighton
Attendance: PeteB & spouse, JoannaLicata, Kevin, RyanTucker and DawnTucker
Next Meeting: Last Sunday in September at Jay's Diner

Discussions: This was our First Annual Wiki Picnic!

PeteB will be gradually moving comments older than ~2 years from restaurant pages to a /Comments page, as the relevance of very old comments is arguable due to the nature of the restaurant business.

RyanTucker proposed a new comments system to allow for more flexible handling of comments (such as sorting from newest to oldest, etc). He hopes to have something going this summer once summer classes level off a bit.

We welcomed Kevin, a friend of PeteB who is interested in the Wiki (Hi, Kevin!). We also enjoyed tasty food grilled by Dawn.

The next meeting was scheduled for the last Sunday in September at Jay's Diner, returning us to our usual habitat for the winter.