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      1. Noah's Ark store(s)
      2. US Coin Dealers and Camera Repair places?
      3. Former Surplus Store Located In Subterranean Tunnels
      4. Rabbit Drawings
      5. Subway Related Photos
      6. An 'underground site' akin to a catacomb system near the river
      7. Villages
      8. Staff Road & Knab Troutman Road
      9. Hungerford Bldg
      10. Shoe Repair
      11. Creepy, pungent, balding man on bicycle: frequents east-side coffee shops, vexes Rochester resident
      12. Caves, Caverns, and Tunnels to Explore
      13. Two Things..
      14. Buildings

Noah's Ark store(s)

Q: What information is available for this old Rochester store name?

US Coin Dealers and Camera Repair places?

Q: I am looking for a place to sell some coins that I have, and I really would enjoy being treated fairly. Suggestions? Also, I am looking for a camera repair place. The shutter of my Pentax ZX-7 is stuck open and I REALLY miss taking pictures! Thank you! FranChandler

A: As for camera repair, try Rowe's on Mt. Hope Avenue or possibly Lumiere Photo on Monroe Avenue. Both supply and service professional photographers and should be able to help you.

Former Surplus Store Located In Subterranean Tunnels

Q: Do any of these tunnels remain? Know any more details about this store?

Rochester had another fantastic surplus dealer, whose facilities were located in the tunnels beneath the then razed Rochester, NY railway station. The place actually had stalactites growing down from the ceiling, but contained an absolutely amazine variety of project surplus merchandise from Kodak, Bauch & Lomb, and others. This was the place for physicists, and I still own a CVC 3-inch oil diffusion pump and high-vacuum gate valve that I purchased there for something like $10, plus a Sorensen 30-amp regulated d.c. power supply for $12! Touring the tunnels I recognized the ground reconstructin electronics for Lunar Orbiter, and even two complete Lunar Orbiter 'Pigs', plus a collection of optics surplus from various surveilance satelite programs. Not fast sellers, but still neat stuff! ([WWW]link) — RobertPolyn

Rabbit Drawings

Q: For a long time now (several years) I've seen a drawing of a rabbit turn up throughout the city. There is no accompanying text. I may have seen it drawn onto a street sign once, but all other appearances I've witnessed have been single sheets of paper fixed onto walls/posts/utility boxes. Does anyone know what these are, and who is responsible? Has anyone else at least noticed these as well? — RobertPolyn

Subway Related Photos

Q: I've been throughout the Abandoned Subway several times. I've never come across some of the locations pictured in the photos of [WWW]this gallery. More specifically, I have no idea where [WWW]this photo was taken (appearing at the bottom of page 2 of the gallery). [WWW]The photo immediately preceeding it shows someone walking along an outside edge of the Broad Street Bridge. I assume the photos were taken inside one of the adjacent buildings, most likely the old RG&E building. Running water is shown, and it doesn't look anything like the Johnson and Seymour Millrace race, as far as I can tell. I'm also uncertain about [WWW]this photo that appears at the beginning of the gallery. Anyone know for certain? Any ideas? — RobertPolyn

An 'underground site' akin to a catacomb system near the river

Q: Any idea what this text might refer to?

they came to the home of General Hospital in Rochester, New York to film the beginning of the story lines. At that time, TPTB stated they came to Rochester because they had used it for the basis of Port Charles. The river area even has and old underground site that they used as the Port Charles catacombs ([WWW]link) — RobertPolyn

* I think the above comment is most definitely talking about the old Rochester Subway tunnels. They are the closest thing Rochester has to "catacombs" - and if you've never been to the abandoned tunnels of Rochester's forgotten Subway, it is a magical place. A visitor there on a lonely day can imagine themselves somewhere between and Indiana Jones movie set and a forsaken futuristic Urban dystopia. kevenAtoms
Q: Any where these might be, or if they exist at all?
already explored: castle in dansville, cresent moon house in victor, rochester subway, caverns @ highland park, latta rd house in greece, and mushroom factory in kendal. ([WWW]link) — RobertPolyn


Q: Does anyone know any good cafes, diners, other, for that matter, anything worth a little daytrip out to the villages? Villages=Scottsville, Caledonia, that sort of town.

Staff Road & Knab Troutman Road

Q: Does anyone have info on the little houses, and other buildings at [WWW]1700 South Ave? [WWW]Geo.cityofRochester.Gov has no info on it, but if you go to search for 1701 South Ave, it says the two streets there are 'Staff Road & Knab Troutman Road', but there is no info on the owner or size of the parcal. Any info, or do I have to do a FOI request?

Hungerford Bldg

Q: What is the printing shop in the Hungerford Building named? - Far

A: HTB Press, though there may be others. — TobinFricke

Q: What was the original purpose of the building, and why is it named the Hungerford Complex / Building? - BenWoodruff

A: It was the location of J. Hungerford Smith, a company that made syrups & toppings for ice cream shops, restaurants and other food-related businesses. They used to give tours of the building to classrooms. They were bought by Con Agra, and relocated to California. They still make the syrup for A&W root beer. If you google J. Hungerford Smith, you can see some vintage advertising images. The Hungerford building is now owned by Maguire Properties and has an assortment of businesses, including many artist studios. First Fridays are very lively at the building, with many open studios.

Shoe Repair

Q: My Doc Martins are in pretty sad shape and I'd rather save them then throw them away. Can anyone reccomend a good cobbler (shoe repair shop) in the Rochester area? Preferably one that is open on weekends?- Far

A: Sofia Shoe Service on Monroe Ave between 12-Corners and Highland (Cobbs Hill Area). I can't speak for the quality of their work, as I've only been in there to buy polish and such, but I can at least say the craftsmen there are helpful and friendly. - EastSideStephen
2cents: Shoe & Luggage Repair is where I take my Wolverines. — EugeneCain

Creepy, pungent, balding man on bicycle: frequents east-side coffee shops, vexes Rochester resident

Q: Hi I am a resident of Rochester and I have been experiencing sitings of this creepy man. He is balding on top of his head and has grey hair. He looks mentally disabled and rides his bike everywhere who is he? Everywhere I go I see him and I am getting creeped out. He smells really bad and always is in starbucks and coffee shops even javas. He rides his bike literally everywhere I see him in Brighton downtown Rochester penfield and Pittsford. He is EVERYWHERE and grows at me. I was in panera he went in the bathroom came out 15 minutes later soaking wet. and he writes notes to people and gives them to them on napkins. WHO IS HE??? -EmilyJackson

A: His name is Chris and he's deaf. He comes into the Penfield Public Library a lot and I used to work there on weekends, so I got to know him a little bit. He can be rude (butting in line, being too loud in the library, etc) but he's harmless. He loves conspiracy theories, horoscopes, and talking about angels. — AdrienneDahler

Caves, Caverns, and Tunnels to Explore

Q: Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of and local caves/tunnels to explore, man made or natural. And to clarify, not Howe's Cavens and not just a little tunnel under a bridge...actual caves or tunnels of length. And info would be appreciated. Thanks. MikeTrent

Two Things..

Q: Anybody ever go swimming in the abandoned and water filled quarry off Ridge Road? Awesome local swim hole but none of my friends know much history about it other then its been there since our parents time. Also, we need a page on information about the Rochester Flower symbol, which is seemingly hard to research as I've tried on google. JAK3CAL

A: See Flower City, or [WWW]info on the Rochester flower symbol - 2020-12-19 GaryGocek


Q: One of the great functions of this site is cataloging many of the wonderful buildings and locations of Rochester. Many of these places have been demolished over the years. I am interested in renovating old churches and industrial buildings. Does anyone know of abandoned or not in use property of this sort in Rochester or close to the city limits??? jrteeter