Johnson and Seymour Millrace


m0000420.jpgCredit:Rochester Municipal ArchivesThe water seen flowing out from beneath the Rundel Memorial Library Building comes from the spillway of what remains of the Johnson and Seymour Millrace. Constructed in 1817, the race was able to produce 1300 hp of energy from the Genesee River for local mills.

Beneath Rundel Library, a slowly collapsing catwalk extends from the abandoned subway over the spillway, and visitors are able to approach the spillway arches to get a unique view of the Genesee River. Frozen waters during the winter months make this view especially noteworthy. From the catwalk a ladder extends to the ceiling where a locked access panel is found that assumedly leads to the library or a safehouse for the non-existent Illuminati Catacomb System.