Broad Street Bridge


bridge.jpgThe tunnel that travels beneath Broad Street across the bridge, over the old canal bed, along our former subway line.

Over the years the Broad Street Bridge has served the city as aqueduct, bridge, subway tunnel, and shelter for the city's homeless. The city currently has plans to open this structure to the general public, adding: an underground walkway, museum, and shops. Construction of the current aqueduct began in 1837 and was finished 1842. Work on its predecessor began 1822 and finished 1823.

"The grand objects of nature, which threatened to impede, have been made only to adorn, as we see in the striking spectacle which is at this moment presented to our enchanted eye."

— The Marquis de Lafayette, speaking from atop a platform over the former aqueduct in the year 1825

See Abandoned Subway for more information on its history.

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scm02954.jpgAqueduct drained for the winter. Image credit: Albert R Stone collection at RMSC BStreet.jpgGraffiti on the walls of the Broad Street Aqueduct by Andrew88 BStreet2.jpgBroad Street Aqueduct - part of the Abandoned Subway by Andrew88 Graffiti1.jpgGraffiti October, 2013 by JoshStone Graffiti2.jpgGraffiti October, 2013 by JoshStone Graffiti3.jpgGraffiti October, 2013 by JoshStone Graffiti4.jpgGraffiti October, 2013 by JoshStone Graffiti5.jpgGraffiti October, 2013 by JoshStone Graffiti6.jpgGraffiti October, 2013 by JoshStone Graffiti7.jpgGraffiti October, 2013 by JoshStone