Wiki Community/October 2007 Wiki Meeting


The October 2007 Contributor's Meeting was held on October 28, 2007 at Virtu at 4:00PM. In attendance were PeteB and DaveMahon. Previously confirmed, but unable to attend, were Matt Falk, JoannaLicata, and Rottenchester.

Topics of discussion were marketing; meeting attendance; and problem handling, now and in the future.

For marketing, Dave thought it might be beneficial to encourage positive involvement by local business owners and managers. This would promote and support local interests while boosting the prestige and utility of - and possibly could eventually turn into a source of funding.

This is important, because currently, RocWiki is funded by RobertPolyn, to whom is registered, and Rottenchester, who pays ~$20 a month out of his own pocket for hosting. In the unfortunate event that either of them is [WWW]hit by a bus, the site would fold pretty quickly given the lack of infrastructure and continuity plans. While it is not terribly likely that they'll disappear, become destitute or die, it could happen and RocWiki could not recover for a considerable period of time (basically, until the domain registration lapsed - and that assumes that someone with root has backed up the system already). In case you're wondering, the Donate button links to FarMcKon's private account, according to previous conversations with Rotten.

Meeting attendance was... underwhelming. To encourage participation, we thought it might be a good idea to link meeting attendance with AdminGroup participation. Attend x meetings in a period of y months and you can apply for AdminGroup membership, subject to a vote of current AdminGroup members. Likewise, sustained membership in the AdminGroup would be requisite upon attending m meetings every y months, to ensure active participation. Being a member of the AdminGroup gives you the ability to lock and unlock pages as well as ban users.

We discussed recent admin issues, like AssButt and JoseSanchez, and potential future problems, like the recent comments by RobertThurston on 2 Vine/Talk and LauraVanVeen on AllisonStickles. While neither comment violates RocWiki etiquette, they could flare up in the future if people over-react.

Finally, we were concerned that the last Sunday in December is December 30 and people are very unlikely to attend. We may cancel that meeting, but a final decision will be made at the November meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at Jitters in Southtown Plaza at 4:00PM.