Wiki Community/August 2007 Wiki Meeting

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The August Wiki Meeting was held at The Old Toad on August 26, with contributor Dave, friend of the Wiki Don and Rottenchester attending.

Most of the discussion was about the Wiki software and hosting environment. Dave and Don graciously volunteered to help out by watching our slice (hosting environment) in case the wiki goes down.

We also discussed the pros and cons of our current Wiki software versus other alternatives, and also discussed the potential contributions of students from RIT.

UPDATE: The next meeting is on September 23, the next to last Sunday in September at 4pm at Jeremiah's Tavern.

Don and I promise not to abuse our new found powers. We both have experience developing interactive web sites and web servers.

One other area of discussion was some brief discussion of promotional ideas. FarMcKon had made nifty little stickers in the past and I have designed a quick-n-dirty poster, but we should also make a concerted effort to reach out to the Admissions departments of area schools and the Human Resources departments of major area employers.

Both draw people from outside the area, who are both most likely to view RocWiki as a great resource (witness SimonEllen's comments on Chat about Rochester) and to go exploring and (hopefully) contributing. With a few notable exceptions, a lot of lifelong Rochesterians tend to keep to themselves and their well established paths (and complaining that there's nothing to do). - DaveMahon