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Anyone have any interesting night life stories? Let's start a sort of message board.

2006-08-11 02:31:11   anyone know of anything new to do or about Roch? —MatthewVanHook

2006-08-12 22:17:52   People need to go out more and support the locally owned shops, bars and eateries in the city. —BenMargolis

2006-10-04 11:15:14   Does anyone know if the Dutch Market on Park Ave is a good place to go for lunch? —PaulinaGarces

2006-10-04 13:51:03   Ride your bike along the canal —MrPhil

2006-10-04 13:52:29   Rent a canoe and paddle the canal or the river —MrPhil

2006-10-04 16:20:09   Check out the places I recommend in my personal page —TravisOwens

2006-11-02 22:06:10   Paulina, the Dutch Market just closed. [WWW]Read about it, of course, in the Democrat & Chronicle, seriously. :-) —JohnLam

2006-11-15 21:08:46   ok so my friends and i need to get out this winter. does anyone know of some good places? clubs? bars? places to dance? is there anything not too shady? some of us are under 21...we're college students and some are familiar with the rochester area, but not enough to know where all the cool places are. any advice? —LucyStevens

2006-12-16 21:37:14   XMAS LIGHTS: A house on Fourth Ave in the village of Fairport has a cool setup! There is a sign out front which lights up at the start of the show and says "Tune radio to 91.1" Shortly music will play and the many lights will play along with the music. If the sign is not lit, then the show is still waiting to start. —GaryReif

2006-12-17 03:09:11   Re: LucyStevens: Water Street Music Hall shows are almost always "all-ages" with people over 16 admitted without an adult. —JasonOlshefsky

2007-01-10 23:37:25   I had a great time at the Strong Museum with my husband and no kids last Saturday - fun for families or couples or even a single all solo I would venture —AliceKimball

2007-01-10 23:40:23   Our favorite places in Rochester are the Public Market and going to the Little Theatre for an offbeat Indy or foreign film! —AliceKimball

2007-02-07 02:22:44   Red Robin a new over priced Burger Joint in Henrietta. Maybe it was my luck of the draw. I've had great meals in this town and not one of them ever made me ill. Chicken Ceasar Wrap is keeping me up tonight. Nice looking place but hard to justify the $9 burger my friend had. May they go the way of Carol's —JulioAhumada

2007-02-09 22:57:05   I am researching a possible relo to Rochester- I am looking for a neighborhood known for its gardens. So far Cobbs Hill keeps coming up— Any other thoughts? —KathleenBell

2007-02-20 12:25:07   Neighborhood with gardens: The Eastman house has fabulous gardens, so East/University may be fun. You may also enjoy being across/around Highland Park. —SmitaRao

2007-02-24 18:41:46   Setting this page up in reverse chronological order, so the most recent post is the first one listed, might encourage much greater use. As it is now, the first thing seen is an out of date discussion instead of a current comment or question. —SteveMurphy

2007-03-26 12:59:59   Anyone know good places that sell unusual/unique gifts. New or used. I'm sick of walking around the malls for hours and seeing the same stores/gifts. —SteveOrlando

2007-03-26 13:13:28   Steve, depends on the type of gifts you mean. There are lots of specialty stores here in town. You could try Parkleigh on Park, some of the smaller places in Pittsford village or Pittsford Sq (near the big wegmans). Also alot of the smaller towns/villages have charming shops. —KimBee

2007-03-28 09:40:43   Steve - there are a number of shops around the Monroe/Oxford area that sell interesting gifts. Archimage in particular comes to mind. —GrahamSaathoff

2007-04-11 12:15:34   Kathleen - I'd like to echo the recomendation of living near Highland park. The park is very nicly landscaped, with many flowering plants throughout the seasons. —EllenKelsey

2007-04-11 12:18:22   Wine/drink question: Does anyone know of restaurants or bars in the Rochester area that offers flights of beer, wine or liquor? These seem to be quite prevalent in larger cities but the closest place I've found to Rochester is a small bistro in the finger lakes. —EllenKelsey

2007-04-11 14:15:40   I know that the Dinosaur will offer a flight of beer of your choosing. Barring that, a slow night at a beerful bar may offer an opportunity to enjoy samples of the more interesting beers from the barkeep. Neither is exactly what you're after, but now I'm interested too :-) —RyanTucker

2007-04-11 14:21:16   Rohrbachs will offer you a beer sampler and any beer in a tall glass or stein (thursdays are stein nights).So will Custom Brewcrafters. —KimBee

2007-04-25 19:07:46   Is there a Wolfgang Puck resturant in Rochester? —DavidDow

2007-05-18 11:21:15   I'm a writer searching for location & fotos (interior/exterior) of Rochester downtown moviehouses in the 1930's-1940's: the Loews, Paramount, RKO Palace, Strand, Capitol & Embassy -anyone know where I can start?

Don Carmen Schimizzi —DonSchimizzi

2007-05-23 19:23:06   Don,

You might find some old photos of the theatres in the "Rochester Images" photo archives of the Rochester Public Library website. —PeterShannon

2007-05-27 21:51:02   I'm interested in any sort of pick up softball, baseball, roller hockey, or soccer games. I'm not that good, but not that bad. If anyone is willing to have an extra guy or is interested in getting something started let me know.

If you know anything about adult leagues I'd be interested in that too. —JohnJoseph

2007-06-06 21:42:50   Are there any half decent attractive unmarried 20-30 year old woman in Rochester? My buddy Jay and I go drinking usually at Prepps in Park Ave, Blue Room, The old Toad etc. and its all dudes!!!! Where is a good place to go to? —MikeFoki

2007-06-19 18:22:13   I just received a cd from a friend by a local band named "Travelator" they're pretty good, has anyone else heard of them? —EdwardWestmore

2007-06-19 22:57:14   Are there any adult soccer leagues for beginners in Rochester?? —OneLove

2007-06-21 08:03:36   No one seems to be commenting on the axe put to the City Historian position. I think it is a short-sighted move. For one thing, Ruth Rosenberg-Napersteck is also Records Manager and City Archivist. It is
worthwhile for a city to keep a Historian on staff, even if it is a part-time position. How much does anyone know about the Rochester Historical Society? Is it mostly run by volunteers? The D&C's coverage was factual and didn't go into the, er, history of the City Historain position, Blake McKelvey, etc.—CarolLucky

2007-06-21 09:21:33   Maybe not many people think it's a big deal. Rochester does have a very active historical community. The Rundell library has a huge collection of historical documents in relation to the size of our city. Do we really need the taxpayers paying for for a historian? It would be nice if we could but our city government is not exactly rolling in the dough. —BadFish

2007-06-25 17:53:10   Hi everybody, I noticed on your website that there is no Casino in Rochester, I beg to differ, there is a Casino in Rochester UK, this establishment was very popular with American servicemen during the second world war for the dances that were held there.later it was popular for roller skating and wrestling, It currently is a night club. So if you want to know anything about Rochester UK my hometown and that of Charles Dickens for many years just ask —PaulHogwood

2007-06-25 18:21:43   Paul-I changed the front page to clearly show this website deals with rochester ny :) —PeteB

2007-07-30 17:52:03   I am taking my son to school in August. Can people swim in Lake Ontario, or are there any other lakes nearby where people swim? —SimonEllen

2007-08-08 16:29:00   Is there a radio station that still carries Yankees games in Rochester? —StanleyWilder

2007-08-09 15:04:19   Simon,

People swim in Lake Ontario, the three closest beaches I know of Charlotte, Durand-Eastman and Hamlin. Sometimes they do close due to bacterial counts.

There's also a beach at Mendon ponds, for the big lake there. People also swim in the Finger Lakes. —GeorgeHaberberger

2007-08-15 12:36:43   Also Seabreeze has a water park, in addition to terrific rides for all ages. Seabreeze is right on Lake Ontario, has gorgeous views, and so visiting Durand-Eastman Park & Beach and Seabreeze are easy to do in a day or afternoon. —CarolLucky

2007-08-25 16:39:47   *Upcoming event to raise funds for fenced in off-leash dog parks in Monroe County.

Paws in the Park Dog Walk will have a Big Dog (3 mile) and Small Dog (1 mile) walk. There will be a DJ, agility demonstrations, door prizes, vendors and more.
The walk is Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 at the Roundhouse Pavilion, Genesee Valley Park. Registration begins at 10:00am and the walk will start at 11:00am. All proceeds will go directly to the dog parks. Please bring your dog to this event to raise funds for a great cause. If you have further questions about this event or would like a pledge form, please email: mcdogwalk@gmail.comAbbyBaisley

2007-09-13 08:44:16   I don't have cable, but want to watch the US women's world cup soccer team play on Friday the 14th. Any suggestions on where I can go to watch, given that the game starts at 5 AM? —StanleyWilder

2007-09-13 09:12:24   Re: watching U.S. Women's Soccer: you could try Monty's Korner as they tend to show soccer on the TV's more than any other bar I know. —JasonOlshefsky

2007-09-13 09:48:21   I don't have cable, but want to watch the US women's world cup soccer team play on Friday the 14th. Any suggestions on where I can go to watch, given that the game starts at 5 AM? —StanleyWilder

2007-09-13 15:19:15   Try P2P television. Maybe SOPcast has something. —JasonWilder

2007-09-26 12:47:26   Hey, I just signed up for a membership to the little and was wondering if any local businesses gave discounts to members? They say in the pamphlet for members that discounts are available, but they don't say which businesses provide them. —WillConwell

2007-09-26 12:57:15   Off the top of my head (and I could be wrong, mind you), [WWW]RARES, WXXI and possibly Time Warner Cable provide discounts. Contact your Human Resources department to find out if your company participates in RARES. University of Rochester employees can get their RARES card at the Cashier's Office in the URMC on the ground floor near the silver elevators. For WXXI, you have to have a current membership. Time Warner should have mailed you a discount card with your bill a few months ago. —DaveMahon

2007-10-05 23:09:02   Whats the deal with the suburbs using Rochester in their address instead of the name of the town. IE XXXX West Ridge Road Rochester NY instead of XXXX West Ridge Road Greece, NY? —JohnJoseph

2007-10-06 20:52:12   Hey, does anybody know anything about Vudu or Rendezvous? It's some kind of lounge/club on Scottsville Rd but their website is nonexistent. —IdSaysgo

2007-10-18 16:57:06   I think people should really get to work on the Regular Events page. It has the potential to be the most useful page on this site. —IdSaysgo

2007-10-27 16:37:19   JJ, I think it simply has to do with how the USPS designates zip codes and their association with a post office address. For example, the main Rochester post office is on Jefferson Road in Henrietta. The old Post Office building downtown still has a post office inside. A beautiful building. —CarolLucky

2007-10-30 22:11:06   Does seeing Kerry-Edwards bumpr stickers still affixed to cars and property peeve you? Do you have a nomination for Ugliest Political-Messaged House? I nominate 817 South Avenue (between Linden and Cypress). This is a brick-and timber Victorian that is actually attractive (although it COULD use a good paint job), but whose front has been hideously plastered over with an eyesore assortment of preprinted and hand-lettered political posters, all espousing radical left-wing sentiments, including a "9/11 was an inside job" sign stuck in the front lawn. Some of the posters are in neon colors, too. And, as an inimitable touch of chutzpah, the residents have put up a POW-MIA flag. I wonder
how the neighbors feel about it. What's your visual peeve? —LindaLevitan

2007-11-10 17:13:01   Plumbing warning. AP plumbing has a flat rate of over $275 for a simple snake drain. consider yourself forwarned! —AnthonyNoto

2007-12-17 15:18:04   My husband and I are thinking about relocating to Rochester. How do you like living there? Any insights into the housing market,job market ( we are both in the health care industry) weather, outdoor activities and nightlife would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. —ChrisMadura

2007-12-18 22:15:40   I'm relocating to Roch next summer. I'll be working at the hospital so would like to live reasonably close to it. Are there any areas that I should NOT live in due to high crime rates? —SideShields

2008-01-05 18:52:15   Lots of people seem to be asking "what is there to do in Rochester?" so I thought i'd throw out a link for those looking for something to do, somewhere to drink, etc... check out [WWW] for over 200 bars in the area including specials, reviews, and pictures. —JustinDagen

2008-01-11 19:22:10   I am in my mid 20s and have very low funds but always want to do something nonconvential in Rochester. Ive done the movies, javas, restaurants, bars, etc. Does anybody have any idea of something cheap and exciting to do?! —MarthaWashington

2008-03-11 23:41:53   IdSaysgo- Rendezvous and Vudu is opening on April 11. Website is —JohnRoach

2008-07-22 21:12:42   Does anyone know where I can find a ward map of Rochester?? —PhilBalch

2008-07-23 06:24:14   [WWW]Monroe County GIS has [WWW]City Council Districts large PDF, and other maps. See also the City of Rochester [WWW]Planning MasBradMandell

2008-07-23 07:20:51   The Monroe County Library also has relevant subject headings. See [WWW]Rochester Ward Maps and [WWW]Rochester Maps. —DaveMahon

2008-09-12 15:26:07   I'm looking for a large classic porcelain teapot. One that holds several cups. Is there a store in Rochester that carries stuff like this? —SarahConnor

2008-10-21 16:49:43   Doing a research project on the Rochester Christmas Blizzard of 1978. Does anyone remember this one? Christmas Eve, green. Then 19 inches of snow overnight. If you have any recollections, anecdotes, or better yet - photos or film (old timey video) or that event, let me know. —eggwork

2008-11-12 22:31:55   Hi, check out my page for more info on international community in the Rochester area! [WWW]

2008-12-02 17:21:09   Was looking for something else and discovered this. Another magical place to check out Christmas Lights is 995 Atlantic Avenue. They have been on the news several times. Unfortunately this year will be their last. Don't know why? It will be missed. I plan to check out the recommendation by Gary Reif. Where in Fairport is Fourth Ave? —stellamarie

2008-12-02 17:26:10   Does anyone know where? I could sell my jewelery? —stellamarie

2008-12-02 21:54:57   stellamarie: [WWW]This news report (via Channel 10 news) quotes Kevin Cole: "'s a lot of work involved into this. And I'm getting older and it's a tough undertaking." My family put up lights when I was a kid, and it's a big pain even for a modest display, so I can see where they're coming from. The technology is getting better, but the ladders stay the same! —Users/RyanTucker

2009-02-03 23:47:53   Does anyone know if New Ming and the now defunct KC Tea and Noodle were owned by the same family? Both the restaurants' owners have the last name is a relatively common last name but anyone know if they are related? —OneLove

2009-02-09 20:08:10   Where can I get a pair of Yaktrax (ice grips or crampons) in Rochester? Is there any store here that carries them . . . at better prices than on the Internet? (I'm not sure if this i the right department, but I can't find a more appropriate one.) —LindaLevitan

2009-02-18 11:56:18   Are there any new housing developments near UofR? —Pinar

2009-03-17 15:49:29   hi there, I am moving from Accra, Ghana to Rochester, NY in couple of months with my family of 4. I just wanted to get an idea of what to expect in Rochester, NY. I want information, on best areas to live, areas to avoid, job markets, schools, making new friends, finding a church, anything a newbie needs to know and any information tha will be helpful. We chose Rochester because its close to Toronto, On where we have immediate family living. We can live anywhere in the US, but we chose Rochester. do you think we made the right decision? thanks for your responses! —chocho

2009-03-21 15:37:06   Looking to have a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband with about 25 people. ANy ideas of good places to have it? —Christine

2009-03-21 15:39:18   Looking to have a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband with about 25 people. ANy ideas of good places to have it? —Christine

2009-03-31 10:31:01   hey what happened with junp n jungle, i was like one of the 1st people who brought my children there when they opened their doors. i felt and my children felt that it was a cool place to go. Especially being that it was in the city, i am very sad that its not opened anymore. if anyone knows if they opened anywhere else, please let me know or maybe they go under a new name... —preciousjohnson

2009-03-31 10:41:52   i listen to various radio stations across the world, i love listening to songs especially that is new to my ears from various artists, one thing i havent heard by me living here in rochester, ny is poetry, yea i know poetry is also a form of rap, but i'm talking mainly about spoken word, i hear it on radio stations more in the southern cities, well how bout hearing it here in rochester, ny—

is there any1 else interested? —preciousjohnson

2009-07-06 07:22:11   For Rochester Regarding plans for Renaissance Square
by Bill Reed

Every city has a unique Story – the story of its place. This story describes the evolution of the geologic, biological, and human forces that have shaped it, its purpose and its course into the future.


2009-08-19 14:58:06   looks like the Anchor bar is going in at East and Alexander. —JohnJoseph

2009-12-12 19:26:25   A new Pole Dance Fitness Studio is opening January 2, 2010 in Fairport at 1000 Turk Hill Road. Check out their site at —JenniferDovidio

2010-04-29 04:03:12   A website with all sorts of coupons for Rochester... —knightingayle

2010-06-03 22:33:21   Join the bicycle community to get to know other riders and plan events! —JordanBommelje

2010-06-23 20:28:23   discovered while biking... charlotte social club (sketchy one door entrance no windows, easy to miss down from pelicans nest), anybody know what this is/was? also...bit up the street from that what appeared to be an indoor and abandoned archery range housed in an older stone building? information anyone? —JAK3CAL

2010-07-04 12:15:23   I am relocating to Rochester from NYC. As most New Yorkers, I prefer rental apartments. Covered, indoor parking is a must (I admit it, I'm high maintenance). Any suggestions on where to begin? Thanks for any comments. —JohnKosciusko

2010-07-04 15:58:15   @John - If you want city living, look into the HH Warner Building, Temple Building, East End Lofts, and the Lofts at Village Gate. This website is also a great help: [WWW] If you want suburban living Oakmonte, Webster Green, Waterview at Willowpoint, and North Ponds Apartment homes are all decent. —MrRochester

2010-07-31 09:42:53   Anyone have a authentic, traditional rum cake recipe that don't stray too far from local standards?? Really don't have $50 or $60 bucks to get one shipped to Florida... —LarryGee

2011-01-05 12:12:31   Hey Rochester sign up your email to receive daily Roc'n Deals on the best things to eat, see, do, and buy in Rochester, NY! Locally owned and operated to! [WWW]http://www.rocndeals.comToddB

2011-03-23 09:55:33   Did Rochester ever have it's own sketch comedy show on TV (sort of like a local SNL)? —StellaRegulus

2011-03-23 14:56:25   It was called Dr.Smoov and it was on public access —FrankAshcraft

2011-09-21 17:06:58   Bow Whiting here; iwas reading about teh bands of the 60s,70s. I played in a couple of bands in high school... one of them was the Cult with myself on rhythm guitar, pete wiggins on lead, ted johansen on bass, ross ritto on organ and steve shoen on drums.. we all did the vocals. we cant forget about the Coachmen either; another great band with jim fingar and dick leschorne. —bowwhiting

2011-09-30 22:51:20   Does anybody know a place where I can put some air in my tires without going to a mechanic? Where I used to live, gas stations had a compressor, but I haven't been able to find any. I'm living in Fairport now, so any help on the East side would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! —Ackj

2011-09-30 23:26:13   Gas station in the village of Pittsford..Monroe Ave just after the 4 corners/Sutherland Street before you hit the bridge. Also the Hess on Monroe Ave in Pittsford after Wegman's and before Clover has one —PeteB

2011-10-07 16:54:08   Anyone know of a shoe repair place in the city? —EileenF

2011-10-08 15:08:32   There's Sofia Shoe Repair on Monroe Ave over by Cobbs Hill. —MattOnan

2012-06-02 02:19:23   I'm opening a restaurant in the Rochester area and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions where I could find employees with food experience in Chinese cuisine. Thanks! —kenny1022

2012-06-04 10:46:42   New York City. There are several chef placement services in Chinatown that specialize in Asian food chefs and cooks. —Alex-C

2012-08-05 11:02:42   What is everyone fav thing to do in Rochester area? —bonnev659

2012-08-05 15:03:01   My favorite things about Rochester are the parks, trees, walkability, bike-ability, cheap cost of living, charming neighborhoods, art, festivals, history, and diverse population. But the best thing of all are all the independent coffeehouses, which I love to frequent. —EileenF

2012-08-14 16:12:34   Does anyone have a photograph of that wolf mural that used to be on the house on Alexander Street near the intersection with Monroe, between Dunkin' Donuts and the new Veritas Wine Bar? There's a deli moving in and they just painted over it. I just thought it would be nice to have on the wiki since it was there for so long. —EileenF

2012-08-14 19:01:42   to answer my question earlier, my fav thing about Rochester is the parks and the people (for the most part).

EileenF I wish I did as that was a nice mural —bonnev659

2012-08-15 14:25:54   My favorite part about Rochester is the participation sports. Throughout the year, I manage to play hockey, lacrosse, and tennis in well-organized leagues with lots of good competition. There is a league for almost every sport here, and they don't require hours of driving like when I lived in West Virginia. I have friends who live in NYC, and hockey is pretty much out of the question, lacrosse is scarce in Manhattan, and tennis is super-expensive. I also love the parks, and the ease of biking on trails all throughout the city. —PDub

2013-02-23 22:18:47   Hi all! I'm an interviewee for University of Rochester's graduate programs and will be attending their interview weekend next week. I was raised since I was 3 in northern California (I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY) and was wondering what (notu) to expect when going to Rochester, NY, any recommendations for restaurants/landmarks, and what are the people like there. Thank you! —NYBornRaisedinSF

2013-02-24 06:04:06   First, off the Neighborhood of the Arts is one of my favorite places. If possible, try to see if you can visit during a First Friday, when all the art galleries (especially the Hungerford Building and Anderson Alley Artists) are open. Park Avenue is a great dining destination with tons of restaurants in a highly walkable neighborhood (also check out the landmark boutique Parkleigh), while the South Wedge is said to be the fastest-growing urban neighborhood in the state outside NYC. Our three nightlife districts are the East End, Monroe Village, and the St. Paul Quarter, although the last one is said to get a little too rowdy at times. While in the East End, make sure to have a cup of coffee at Java's Cafe.

That's all in the Southeast Quadrant. If you're going to be at UR, you also might want to look into the Plymouth-Exchange and 19th Ward neighborhoods, both located right across the river and accessible via two pedestrian bridges. They've been seeing some serious revival in recent years. Another neighborhood popular with UR people is Upper Mount Hope, where the Medical Center is.

And also, the Public Market.

Glad you asked this. We really should expand the RocWiki Tourists Guide. —EileenF

2013-02-24 15:48:10   Well, coming from California, there are a few things NOT to expect locally, such as: good Mexican food, smooth pavement on the streets, and people who give a rat's @$$. Other than that, though, it's pretty good. —alex-c

2013-02-25 01:28:13   Thanks for the input! I think most everyone around the world who is familiar with California will almost always think of Southern California. Northern California (where I was raised) has much more than good Mexican food (even though everyone associates that with Southern California). And the streets where I am from and where I go to college are actually hilly and sometimes dirty (UC Berkeley surrounding neighborhoods). I can testify as a resident of the Bay Area that people who do give a crap do it for the sake of being "chill". The same goes for Southern California too (I go there almost every few years to see my mom's side of the family). Not only that, but most people who try to be "chill" in my area end up faking it. If I ever make an attempt to have them try to bring out their genuine selves, they suddenly become so eager to please everything and anyone including being politically correct. It's so passive-aggressive almost :\. When I was a child, I was raised by a lady caregiver who grew up in SF and she did nothing but discouraged me to not do science just because I needed a more "well-balanced" life. For some reason, she thought my legacy was in the arts and nothing else. She was one of those people who cared way too much about fitting in and would join a bunch of causes and voluntarily forced me into them when I was 5 or 6, barely old enough to know what the heck was going on the world. She was desperate for finding a community within the child instead of letting me have my own autonomy. In addition, she also allowed me into a bunch of "adult" parties for the sake of me being "exposed" to "loving my body". I won't go into what she did, but she's stopped doing it ever since I went to middle school. Lo and behold, just two years ago her 26 year old son passed away from a rare and aggressive cancer. Even though I told her time and time again why my endeavors in biomedical sciences were only going to help people like him, she became more authoritarian with wanting me to pursue something else since it "helped her get over it" and she never had a daughter who'd carry on her legacy (this caregiver's 65 years old now). I finally put my foot down last semester and told her that I was going to leave the house if she continued her unhealthy controlling behavior. I'm desperate as fast as possible to get out of her clutch and into a place at least 500 miles from home—and I want to make sure Rochester is my best decision where I can be independent, free, and cherished as an individual for my passion in the sciences. Her raising me has already colored my views of California as negative that I'd take any of the quirks of anywhere (well not everywhere though) for the sake of being safe. I'm not responsible if she does something to hurt herself, given how desperate and clingy she has acted towards me. Sorry for venting. I have had a lot on my mind lately about moving away for post-grad plans. I apologize ahead of time for dampening anyone's mood and/or for bringing up touchy subjects for viewers who have gone through similar trials. —NYBornRaisedinSF

2013-02-25 11:22:36   Don't listen to Alex-C. He's kind of a dick. "Rochester was twice named one of America’s Friendliest Cities by American Demographics magazine, based on residents’ helpfulness to strangers." [WWW]The source of this is old but here it is.badfish

2013-02-25 14:28:39   As an almost-life-long Rochester resident, my experience is that while Rochestarians aren't as generally outgoing with strangers as some other places in the world ( I'm thinking in particular of places in the South where it seems like I can't go ten minutes without someone asking me to dinner/etc when they find out I'm a visitor ), we are on the whole a good bunch of people. There are any number of civic, professional, and hobby organizations that cater to a wide variety of interests. And while I don't think that the popular stereotype of Rochestarians as being negative when it comes to the city itself is too far off the mark, we make up for it with our support for smaller scale endeavors. —richmulvey

2013-02-27 20:16:03   NYBornRaisedinSF: As this is a public web site, you might want to consider editing your comment to be a bit less specific, especially if you're looking to detach yourself from the past. :-) And if you do join the U of R community, keep the [WWW]University Counseling Center in mind — it's covered by the student health fee, and is a good resource. Being a student is stressful enough without having a whole bunch of drama and a cross-country move going on at the same time. Stay strong and good luck! —Users/RyanTucker

2013-05-29 10:24:09   any good business events or non profit events? —jamesr

2014-07-01 10:50:47   Our Rochester, NY Watchdog Association group is meant to be a place for you to report on and discuss current events affecting the greater Rochester, NY region. Your opinions are encouraged.

It is a free and open platform with very little opinion censorship. But we ask you to be kind to your fellow man and not to trash our civic institutions just for the sake of trashing them.

And, most of all, enjoy yourself and let's all learn from one another while visiting the Rochester, NY Watchdog Association group page.

2024-01-26 17:26:27   This website looks pretty old and forgotten. —KonngaraFan6951