Ant Hill Cooperative/Propaganda



Created December 22, 2004


a Vision in a Drawing

Created February 24, 2005 — note: before we found our house

a rendition by Katie

Created April 21, 2005

Proposed new text for flyer

Come join our Housing Co-Op!

Ant Hill Cooperative is a Housing Co-Op. Like a food Co-Op (but you live there). We are a nonprofit orgnization, where residents are members, the house is run democraticlly, and chores (such as cooking and cleaning) are shared by members. It helps it members pool resources, so they can have a better quality of life. It's fun, interesting, and economical.

More Info? You can visit If you are intestestd in joining the Co-Op or working with us, just e-mail us at <s></s> [does not work anymore]