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2007-07-12 01:05:39   I went here for my daughter's 12th birthday, and it was absolutley ATROCIOUS! Not only did our food take at least 1.5 hour's to arrive, my daughter spotted a cockaroach while in their restroom. We paid the bill before eating and left. I will never dine there again. ever. —AllenSampson

2007-07-12 11:38:27   I had a very nice experience - was my wife's 48th B-day, had a room of 17 people and we all had a great time. The chefs were a blast, the presentation was top notch. Service was a bit slow but there were 17 of us. The place does seem dated but the food much better than the Plum Garden which is newer and more "up to date". Honestly? I think cockroaches are in every single resturant in America AND always will be. How does a 12 year old know what a cockroach looks like??? —SandyPaxton

2007-08-29 18:05:31   It is unfortunate that I too had the same experience as Mr. Sampson. My brother-in-law works for the Monroe County health department bureau and tells me that Arigato is infested. They have even been told to close quite a few years ago. They claim to have fixed the problem, but there have been strange reports of customers getting food poisoning from their sushi. I wouldnt dine there, nor would I feed my childern their trash. Childern have very weak immune systems and in some extreme and rare cases can be hospitalized. DO NOT TAKE YOUR FAMILY HERE, IT IS POISON! —MicheleGulliver

2007-08-29 18:33:27   We have gone for my niece's birthday 2 years in a row and have never had a bad experience. —PeteB

2007-12-28 16:31:51   Probably one of the worst restaurants in all of Rochester. I don't understand how the health department hasn't closed this place down yet. Makes me sick. —KateWeinberger

2007-12-28 16:41:28   Definitely got food poisoning after hibachi.So did my friend on a separate occasion. The sushi is better but I would rather go to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. —OneLove