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This page is where differences in opinions about RocWiki pages are resolved, and notes are left from one contributor to another related to content.

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2008-04-10 18:26:07   IN light of our recent controversy, how do we all feel about this page? I can see some differences between these comments and the Michelina's comments, and I see some similarities. What do we all think? —EastSideStephen

2008-04-10 22:29:03   If this is in reference to the comment by MicheleGulliver, she seems particularly fond of one line, insulting comments which give no clue as to why her experience was bad. So, her post on Arigato is sort of an improvement. My personal favorite is her comment on India House. I think it might just be a review writing style...or lack thereof. —OneLove

2011-07-21 08:27:41   While I am generally in favor of free speech, the 7/21/2011 entry by KevinSirps seems quite a bit "over the top" and should be reviewed carefully by the Wiki Admins. There may be some truth in there somewhere, but it mostly comes across as vengence, hatred, sour-grapes, and racism. —JGerek

2011-07-21 08:43:15   I just read it; I don't think 'vengence, hatred, sour-grapes, and racism' are really things that we could remove it for. Former employees discussing their former employer is kind of relevant to the Rochester Community after all. I'll admit the comment was low-class, but that guy signed his name to it. I'm sure Kevin Sirps will not have a good time if other restaurant owners see his comment. —DamianKumor

2011-07-21 17:34:51   I take exception to Kevin's comment. Wiki Community/Etiquette states specifically "Please do not post negative comments about pest problems, cleanliness, or other public-health issues related to restaurants. The admins reserve the right to remove such comments". Based on this I am moving Kevin's comment to his user page with a comment to him directly. —PeteB