Barrel of Dolls

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173 Anderson Avenue, Rochester NY, 14607 [Directions]

Barrel of Dolls is a local purveyor of Adult Entertainment located near the Village Gate area.


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2007-08-05 22:30:11   No cover charge. Ever. —IdSaysgo

2008-06-02 01:18:34   The only strip club in the city proper that I'm aware of. It's tucked behind the Village Gate and well worth checking out. It's a biker bar, a dive bar, and you can't get girls more local than this. Nice if you want a super relaxed atmosphere and don't feel like driving to Henrietta or Greece for your entertainment. Also: inexpensive. —MariahBetz

2008-07-20 15:55:45   The girls are extremely down to earth, wonderful regulars, awesome atmosphere, and cheap cheap cheap!! This is a strip club that you need to check out! ;) —lacy

2009-07-17 14:05:05   This place should be called Bottom of the Barrel. The girls here are absolutely hideous junky trash for the most part, though there is the extremely rare semi-attractive one. The "regulars" are bikers, gang bangers, and roto-rooter guys just off shift as evidenced by their sewage covered jump suit. It is cheap, which is a rarity for strip clubs. If you really want to get a laugh out of everyone at the bar, walk in and ask to see the wine list. —AlexD1234

2009-09-20 12:17:31   as one of the employees said last night... it's a wh#@$ house with t#$ies... it's free to get in, but still not worth the cover charge. —JayWood

2010-06-04 19:50:26   No cover charge, cheap drinks for sure..girls are a bit on the rough side though... —KellyRipple

2010-06-13 14:36:59   Rough side is it, the girls are scammers and worse beware no matter how good she looks. —keithdavis

2013-05-11 11:38:54   Went here for the first time with the wife. Cool little club and I thought the girls were great. No fake boobs, too many tattoos for this old guy but they were really friendly. And cute (hot) as hell. —karlos