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2005-11-25 14:13:03   Tilt is still open? —MariahBetz

2005-11-25 16:22:22   Another question: Are we going to need to organize this list at some point, maybe into neighborhoods? —MariahBetz

2005-12-22 17:02:47   Tilt recently reopened in a new location. —DanDangler

2006-05-16 14:04:03   Can we organize this in some way? Maybe by location? —MariahBetz

2006-07-19 19:14:28   Know I'm dating myself but does anyone remember a Club Zero from years ago?? ;) —PeteB

2006-09-18 14:47:57   Hi Peter, unfortunately Zero closed right when I moved back to town so I never got a chance to check it out. I always heard great things about it. I have a lot of friends who worked and/or hung out there and one of them has this great group picture taken of all the regulars. Who knows, you might be in that picture. —ZedOmega

2006-09-18 14:50:28   Mariah, organizing this list is a great idea. How about Downtown (in the Inner Loop) then each of the 4 Quadrants of the rest of Rochester and then by Suburb/Town? Any other suggestions? —ZedOmega

2006-11-28 13:19:12   anyone been to the Dubland Underground yet? How about the SkyBar? —DerekHendrickson

2006-11-28 20:50:53   Note about organization: I did this by approximating with the maps, so feel free to move things around if they aren't correct. I considered Downtown to be inside the Inner Loop, and used the river to determine east/west. —StevenDibelius

2007-05-18 01:13:06   Someone should add the black pearl cafe to the Southeast list. Great bar that should be checked to this site. —MetalFrost

2007-12-24 14:50:13   Seabreeze is actually in Irondequoit, so why do they have different location categories? —SaraChristine

2008-08-13 22:16:26   Lookin for an Irish Pub that puts a shamrock in the Guinness... —JustinKwong

2009-08-23 12:35:16   There no good website that organizes Happy Hours in Rochester. (A good example of one from Portland OR is [WWW] I don't know how to create a page on here, but wondered if someone who does might find it to be a useful endeavor? —MichaelAvery

2010-01-17 15:13:41   Regarding Happy Hour. you will find Happy Hour listings for bars on For trial purposes I have created a  ["Happy Hour"]  page with suggested usage of adding a wiki linked header on bar pages with their happy hours posted. The Happy Hour page has an automated list and could be further organized by area similar to the bars page. See Abilene for example usage. —BradMandell