Bernard's Grove

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187 Long Pond Road, Greece NY, 14612 [Directions]
Hours (as of May 2014)
Tuesday - Friday: 11:30AM to 2:30PM
Monday - Thursday: 4:30PM to 9:00PM
Friday - Saturday: 4:30PM to 10:00PM
Closed Sunday
585 227 6405
<stbernard07 AT rochester DOT rr DOT com>

Bernard's Grove is a upscale restaurant located in Greece, near Edgemere Dr., just north of the Parkway. Appetizers range in price from $5 to $13, and entrees run $18 - $29.

Claimed specialty is Nouvelle American Cuisine.


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2006-08-03 15:46:13   They do a commendable job with their Paella. Their Chicken French, while good, is a bit pricey. Place has a certain, run-down charm to it. —MrPhil

2007-02-11 08:32:20   I had fantastic lobster special there last night, and I've had their Rack of Lamb - also excellent —TomKaminski

2007-08-30 10:55:38   This place is a dump and it is a joke if anyone considers this to be upscale.

They try to make the food upscale, but the restaurant overall cant pull it off. —MrRochester

2008-11-19 22:53:46   Bernard's Grove doesn't fall under the "upscale" category, but certainly isn't a dump. A great cozy atmosphere, ideal to bring a date to. Also the food and wine are fantastic. —TheCritic

2010-04-16 16:07:22   I would have to agree and disagree with some of these comments. The food is excellent and I would consider the place upscale. However the inside of the place could use some brightening up. It is very dark and would look great with a light coat of paint. —BelPenda41