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2005-11-16 22:19:15   Since when is a bar a good place for a date? —MariahBetz

2005-11-17 06:36:28   It depends on the bar, I think —HeatherYager

2005-11-17 09:16:08   Bar dates are for people with little imagination. —FarMcKon

2005-11-17 09:23:13   Only if you can't imagine a bar you'd want to have a date at... which brings me to the upcoming edit... —HeatherYager

2005-11-17 09:26:41   Bullwinkle's is a good substitute for the East Ave line, I think.. —MariahBetz

2005-11-17 19:27:55   I hear Heather was caught performing there last weekend.... —FarMcKon

2005-11-17 20:20:50   That's a dirty lie —HeatherYager

2005-11-20 09:58:35   Regardless of the amount of imagination involved, a bar is a good place for a date. Think: Old Toad. —JenniferRamsey

2005-11-20 11:33:15   The Old Toad is a good place for a date, especially on trivia night. I think I was trying to say that "a bar" is a little too general and doesn't quite qualify as 'interesting' imo... —MariahBetz

2007-02-01 18:51:31   Since when is a strip club a good place for a date? —GillianKratzer

2007-02-05 15:55:32   It's not. This isn't local so I won't add it to the page, but the Adirondacks are a very good time, and not too far away. —IsaacVanDuyn

2007-03-12 14:07:03   A strip club is a fine place to take a date. I've taken many-a dates to strip clubs. —WilliamFerny

2009-09-25 10:39:07   I usually just put my dates in the back of the van and out to my secret spot in the woods —MatthewVanHook

2011-04-14 02:42:12   My girlfriend and I consider our official first date to be the night we went to a strip club together. A friend of mine invited me, I invited her, and the history. Its kind of a cool first date if you're both pretty open minded. —JohnKennedy