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dentzelcarousel.jpgDentzel Carousel at Charlotte Beach duchess.jpgThe enchanting animal menagerie at Charlotte Beach carousellioncat.jpg"Lion and Cats - Oh My"

1 Beach Avenue, Rochester NY 14612 [Directions]

Built in 1905, "The Duchess" Dentzel menagerie carousel is situated at the east end of Ontario Beach Park. It has the distinction of being one of only fourteen operating antique menagerie carousels in the United States; it is also one of only a few that remain in its original location.

In 1980 the Preservation Board granted the carousel landmark status. In 1984 the [WWW]Parks Department began extensive restoration of the carousel, which lasted for many years and included improvements on the building and surrounding walkways. Until recent years, Wurlitzer Military Band Organ Style 165 paper rolls were used, but a [WWW]Stinson MIDI band organ system replaced the organ and continues to play the same music once heard on the original rolls.

This [WWW]Gustav Dentzel creation is a three-row carousel consisting of fifty-two animals and two chariots.

The Duchess is a unique joy for Rochesterians and visitors. It celebrated its 100th year at Ontario Beach in 2005.


dentzeldonkeys800.jpg2008 - the Donkeys stinsonorgan.jpgStinson Band Organ

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