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Irondequoit  Creek in   Ellison Park.jpgIrondequoit Creek. Courtesy Garrett-K. ellison_park_flood.jpgEllison Park flooded, April 4, 2005. Dogs playing in Ellison Park.jpgDogs playing in Ellison Park. Photo by [WWW]_yoshi_

395 Richs Dugway Rd, Rochester, NY 14625 [Directions]
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Ellison Park is a park operated by Monroe County and located in the Town of Penfield; it has its main entrance east of route 590 on Blossom Road .

The beautiful park has many hiking trails, tennis courts, [WWW]disc golf course, several baseball diamonds, and two small playgrounds. In the winter they freeze over part of the parking lot to make a small ice skating rink. The hill on the West side of the park, fronting along North Landing Road, offers excellent sledding in the snowy months.

A Off Leash Dog Area was opened on 6/1/2012. The area consists of three sections, one for large dogs, small dogs, and one for all dogs. There is a $24 license that needs to be purchased if you would like to make use of this area. More FAQ, rules and how to register your dog for this area of the park may be found [WWW]here.

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2011-04-09 12:10:44   An unofficial dog park that my dogs absolutely love. For the most part, people (and even the people who work there) don't mind unleashed dogs so long as they are friendly. However, it's becoming more common to find police parked out and writing tickets to offenders. In fact, my wife and I (luckily) spotted the fuzz parked out there on Thanksgiving of all days! I would be lying if I didn't see some dogs there that should not have been off the leash and attacking their brethren but, for the most part, the people and pets that come here are friendly. —BatGuano

2012-05-22 13:24:37   From what I have heard, the police continue to hand out tickets for unleashed pets. And I have to say, I don't disagree with this. The last time I was in this park, a large dog ran up to me, jump on me and knocked me over. All the while the woman was yelling towards me "Don't worry, he is friendly!". Then I saw another dog chase some women riding horses. The dog could have easily gotten kicked or the horse could have bucked it's rider. And I have 2 dogs of my own plus I foster for a local rescue, so please no comments that I am a dog hater. I choose not to take my dogs to this park with me because of all the off leash dogs. I know that my dogs are friendly but I have no clue about yours. And yes, I will have a hard time trusting someone who says "Oh, he/she is friendly" especially if the dog is in the process of knocking me over and obviously doesn't have any training.

2012-05-22 13:33:45   I'm sure they'll step up the enforcement soon since the dog park is opening this weekend. After that I'll have no sympathy for anyone at the bridge with their dogs off leash since there'll be a designated area for that. —DamianKumor

2012-06-01 11:27:17   I love the creek but I'm afraid to go over there with my dog. it sucks that I can't let her enjoy the creek on a leash. Why do you have to have your pitbulls running around and scaring the crap out of me and my dog? I'm not pitbull prejudice it's just that they are very powerful and I know they might be dangerous given the strength they have. People leash your pets so we can all enjoy the park. —NewtonNola

2012-07-01 11:00:29   NewtonNola: so pit bulls shouldn't be allowed in dog parks? My dog is part pit bull but she is so timid that I came to this page to research how rowdy the park may get, since she'd probably just get nervous and not want to join in. She would never "scare the crap" out of anyone who is educated enough to not judge dogs based on their appearances. You definitely are prejudiced: saying you aren't does not make up for your attitude. —MeganLangley

2012-07-22 15:34:55   Meghan did you even read what I wrote??? Pit bulls have very powerful jaws and they have great strength. I feel the same way about other breeds not just pit bulls. If I do not know the dog I assume that I need to be cautious, hell Chihuahuas can be vicious. Pittbulls are always welcome in the legal dog park. Those of that use the legal park know that the dogs there are vaccinated and licensed. If a dog bites or attacks they can no longer go to the legal park. In other words it is a much safer environment. Please be a responsible pet parent everyone and leash your pets. It's best for all that's why it's the law. —NewtonNola

2012-07-23 09:10:47   NewtonNola: In your original comment didn't mention other breeds, just pit bulls. So I can understand where Megan is coming from. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about unleashed dogs in the regular section of the park (see my above comment). However, it does come off like you are specifically singling out the pits. I have a pit mix and I am VERY aware of the prejudice that they face. After thinking about it hard and consulting with my dog trainer, I signed her up for the dog park. The last time we went, everyone was commenting to me how friendly she was which I was very happy about. Yet, I also know that if something happens while I am in the park, my dog will probably get blamed for it (even if she is defending herself) just because of the breed of dog she is. Bottom line, I get what you are trying to say, but when you mention a certain breed and leave out the rest, it does appear that you are prejudiced against them even if you say you aren't.

2012-07-23 12:30:35   hi dmarie, yes, I may have sounded that way but I love all dogs. Some of the coolest pooches at the park are pits. I know them and they are good dogs. I just meant when a huge dog runs up to you and frightens me, my husband and my dog that it kinda sucks. My comments where not meant to offend. I know that pits are very strong, that was my only point. I just want people to use the legal park. plus if your dog gets caught in the middle of something there are witnesses who will back you up. I would.

2012-07-23 15:52:47   NewtonNola: Thanks for clarifying and responding. And again, I totally hear you and agree with you about unleashed dogs. That is why I was so happy the dog park opened up and I really hope that people do utilize it! And thanks for backing me up—I hope others would do the same! If you see a brown and white, very goofy looking pit running around and swimming in the pond, that is probably my girl. Feel free to come over and say hello! —dmarie

2013-02-17 10:43:20   Some years ago I brought a friend's son to ellison park to roller blade. Mind you there were no signs restricting this activity but there was a sign stating that all dogs must be leashed. Not two minutes out an unleashed dog ran up to the boy and caused him to fall. I didn't get the man's name but should have. We later discovered that the young boy fractured his forearm in the fall. Twenty years later this young man is still bothered by chronic pain. There is a leash law for a reason-so that my enjoyment of the park is not infringed upon for the sake of your dog. I now have zero tolerance for unleashed dogs. —leapetre

2013-03-17 09:36:15   Leapetre, There is now an off-leash area specifically set aside for dogs at this park, and a quick visit to Ellison will reveal that the traditional lawless area of off-leash use by the bridge is now abandoned. Is the new designated area covered by your blanket "zero tolerance" policy? These sorts of isolated incidents of "off-leash assault" occur everywhere, whether dogs are allowed off-leash or not, much in the same way people run stop signs. The real problem, historically, in Monroe County, regarding dogs and off-leash areas, hasn't been the to-be-expected user conflicts or the unfortunate accident from time to time - instead, the problem has been the complete lack (until recently) of ANY designated off-leash areas in the city. I would suggest that the solution to the problem isn't ranting on the internet or mis-appropriating man hours from the Sheriff's Department to write tickets that do nothing but make people sneakier, but to get behind our county parks to build more off-leash areas. Dogs are as integral to American life as apple-pie, premarital sex, and firearms, and they deserve the privilege to run free and play from time to time.