Cafe Sewciety Quilts

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31 North Avenue, Webster, NY 14580 [Directions]
Hours (as of June 2011)
Sunday - Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM
585 545 4673
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Judy Merritt

Cafe Sewciety Quilts is a sewing and quilting group run by Judy Merritt, who has been sewing for 20 years and 15 years in quilt making. Judy has done exhibits for businesses and in galleries in the local area. Her website with amazing gallery of her quilts brings warmth, love and comfort for body and soul.

Judy Merritt works with a variety of textiles and fibers to create personalized commissioned, traditional and contemporary art quilts. I am also a quilt pattern designer and instructor. Judy teaches quilt making privately and in local quilt shops as well as have lectured on the art and history of quilt making.


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2008-08-25 13:18:22   I helped Judy with her website, and her work is none like I've ever seen before! Take a look at her photo gallery! It's amazing work she does! I am blown away that someone can be this talented! —JustinZiemniak