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What Is It?

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. There are many people, for many reasons, that believe that individuals build, design, for themselves, instead of relying on others (businesses primarily) to do it for them.

The opportunity to get together with fellow Rochesterians and create things together. Ever considered taking a sewing class and realized it costs wayy too much? Maybe you have a nice aunt or grandma who can teach you to knit, but a lot of us don't. DIY Rochester serves as a way to learn new skills as well as teach them. We will gather together weekly and create! The ideas are unlimited and there is something for everyone.

Want In? You can sign up for the [WWW]DIY Rochester yahoo group, or you can E-mail

Past Events

Other Rochester Groups

There are many other DIY, craft, and homebrew groups in our city. Listed below are a few of them...

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