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2006-10-10 08:34:33 Wi-Fi is inconsistent. While a nice bright spot, both food and service are quite terrible. We ordered omelets; they were overmicrowaved, rubbery, and tasteless. One pays for the meat whether or not one wants to eat meat. —QuMarie

2006-10-10 11:03:15 I have eaten there several times and it is my favorite "grab good food fast" place. I would place it somewhere much higher than fast food like Mickey-Ds, but not up to the level of Jine's across the street. I love the sandwiches. Edit on 2009-03-20 I have since changed my opinion on Camille's and have commented about it below.—BadFish

2006-10-10 19:17:50 I find the place overpriced, from bottle drinks to the food. —TravisOwens

2006-11-09 21:45:55 I have been to the Park Avenue location twice and the Pittsford Plaza (Monroe Ave.) location a few more times. I find the Pittsford location to have worse service than Park Ave. It is worth ordering in advance and then picking up the food. Soups and Salads are good. I have had the Spicy Chicken Tender Wrap twice and it could be much spicier. —ScottHendler

2007-01-21 15:32:42 I hear they might be opening up a third location in Eastview Mall —ScottHendler

2007-06-06 21:09:45 The food is mediocre, the portions are very small and everything is overpriced. —OdalisqueRise