Captain's Custom Tattoo

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4379 Lake Avenue, Rochester NY 14612 [Directions]
Monday - Saturday: 2:00PM to 10:00PM
(sometimes closes early on Mondays)
Sunday: Closed
585 865 5660

Captain's Custom Tattoo is a tattoo parlor located on Lake Avenue near the old Stutson Street Bridge. This shop was formerly known as Captain's Cabin. The shop changed hands early last year when the main artist in the shop decided to buy it from the owner (who was located in Florida) and run it on his own.


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2008-09-27 20:03:37   I would advise against this place...

Went there today to ask for a price quote for custom work on both myself and my husband. The guy working there sat behind the back counter for a good 10 minutes without looking up through the opening between the front and the back room. Our child was with us since we were only asking for a quote and not planning on having work done today. She is young and talks very loudly, so I am sure the guy working there could hear her. After about 10 minutes or so, he came out and started getting pushy with me about leaving the store because it was an adult shop (no 'over 18' sign on the door)and that my child was not welcome there because it was dangerous and she could make him lose his shop ?!

The guy was horribly rude and very erratic. We won't be back there again. —CateKane

2010-03-23 00:12:19   I went here for my first tattoo, looked at a few places before deciding on going here, the people in the shop were very helpfull and professional about the work they did, will deffinitly go back for future work —SteveShuboney