Cats Exclusively

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1311 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 [Directions]
(Please call for hours)
585 248 9590

Cats Exclusively is a cat-only veterinary hospital in the town of Pittsford. They have been in business for several years and are operate out of a converted house. The staff is friendly, and although the rates are slightly higher than a standard vet, they have a great reputation for providing excellent service.


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2006-04-04 03:36:53   I take my manx here. Great place, through my [and his] experience. —DanDangler

2007-04-30 21:49:24   I have 3 abandoned kittens I took in, without ever dealing with such little cats before. While it cost almost double of another vet, I ended up taking them there based on recommendations. After talking one of their to a vet for about 45 min. and learned more in that time than in the hours I spent searching the net. I had a bad experience with another vet a few days before, and I think if I had gone there first, it would have taken only one vet visit to get things right.

And get this. They called 'me' the next day (a Saturday) to check in how the kittens were doing, and to make sure they were A-OK. A great place. —FarMcKon

2007-08-08 20:46:59   I began using this vet operation this year for my 2 older cats, both of whom had geriatric needs. The vets and staff were incredibly professional, compassionate, friendly and kind, and went far beyond the call of duty both in terms of support and time. My cats are their cats; they treat us as family. They are available by phone for questions. I recommend them without hesitation, and would never take my cats anywhere else. —DebraSponable

2008-03-26 06:39:54   We have been taking our cats here for almost 2 years now, after a bad experience at another vet. They are truly wonderful & really care about the 'kids'. This includes follow up phone calls, and they even sent us flowers when we lost Thomas. The statement about the rates is probably true, but to have undivided attention & not feel rushed if you have questions is much appreciated & worth it! —TriciaSeymour

2008-11-18 15:40:45   We just moved to the area recently with our two Maine Coon girls, and took them for their checkup and shots. We were very favorably impressed with the vet and the whole operation. Highly recommended. —JulianThomas