Cedar Mediterranean Restaurant



746 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY, 14607
Hours (as of August 2022 per Facebook)
Monday - Friday: 11:00AM to 4:00PM
585 442 7751
Wheelchair Accessible

Cedar Mediterranean Restaurant is a Mediterranean/Lebanese restaurant in Monroe Village.

Opened in October 2016.


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2016-11-20 09:30:45   We stopped in yesterday for lunch. I wish I could comment on the food, since it looked really good. However, we waited for 20 minutes with several other people for our order to be taken, but no luck. The kitchen crew seemed to be working hard, but obviously they are still getting the customer service part of the business down. They need a better system to keep everything moving. As noted, the food looked great, I hope that next time we go back, they have made improvement to their order/kitchen system so that we're able to try it. We ended up going across the street to SEA this time (also very good, for anyone else that gets tired of waiting at Cedar). —DottieHoffmann

2017-01-11 21:27:16   Delicious. I've gotten takeout several times. The manakeesh are really great. —AdrianMartin

2019-06-22 15:01:16   Delicious. Very well seasoned. Homemade pitas. Service was OK. Quick to take your order but they do not tell you that it is self serve to get drinks and you go to cooler to get yourself even with it almost behind the counter. —scotthendler

2019-06-22 21:09:56   Follow up to my review above, we love this place, food is amazing, definitely a favorite, either eat in or take out. —DottieHoffmann