Clarence A. Smith


Birth name Aliases
Clarence A. Smith None
Birth date Birth place
November 18, 1884 Rochester, New York
Date of death Place of death
June 16, 1967 Genesee Hospital
Known for
First County Manager in New York State
Bookkeeper, Monroe County Clerk, Monroe County Manager
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Smith's father died while he was still an infant. He attended School No. 5, but dropped out to support his family. In 1900 he took a job as a messenger for the Monroe County Board of Supervisors for three dollars a week. In 1904, he became the bookkeeper for the Board, the deputy clerk in 1909, and finally elected clerk of the Board in 1918.

The Democrats gained control of the Board of Supervisors in the 1934 election, but retained Smith, a Republican. When he refused to switch parties, the Democrats created the position of County Auditor for him so they could install one of their own as Board Clerk.

In 1936, after the Republicans regained control of the Board, they appointed him the first County Manager (also first in the state). He is credited with starting the County's department of finance and department of public works. He also oversaw the construction of the Monroe County Airport.

When he reached the state-mandated retirement age of 70, local legislators interceded on his behalf to allow him to stay, which he did until the end of 1959, having been appointed the position a total of six times.

He was the longest sitting Manager (now Executive) of Monroe County and Time magazine noted on his retirement: 1