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Clarissas.jpgDuring the Clarissa Street Reunion 8-2009

293 Clarissa Street, Rochester NY, 14608
Hours (as of October 2015)
Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
585 232 3430
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed
<clarissasllc AT gmail DOT com>

Clarissa's is a bar and night club in Corn Hill featuring jazz, blues, R&B, funk, and adult contemporary music. There is usually no cover charge. They also offer a light seasonal menu of Caribbean and Spanish/Latin American cuisine, along with some seafood. Thursday is Karaoke Night.

[WWW]Formerly known as The Clarissa Room 1 and before that, Shep's Paradise. After closing for awhile, Clarissa Room re-opened as Clarissa's in fall 2007.


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2006-12-14 11:07:46 Simply put, it’s hard to get over Shep’s. It was of those completely unforgettable clubs with fantastic ambience, crowds and music. John Starr (RIP) did an excellent job with the space and always made his customers welcome. That feeling actually has never left. It’s always been a place that is very welcoming, regardless of who owns it. However, I have to say that I prefer the old set-up with the bar and seating downstairs and the “stage” and additional seating upstairs. It really gave you the option of 2 separate spaces to use. Yes there’s the seating in the upper back section now, but it always makes me feel too disconnected back there. Regardless it’s a great resource for our community and I always have a good time when I go. —ZedOmega

2007-03-12 19:40:40   While the post was on the level then, there was no re-opening during February. Jazz@Rochester has since been told that John Starr's children have not been able to overcome the legal hurdles to reopen and that Clarissa Room will not be re-opened and that the building in fact will be put up for sale. [WWW]Jazz@Rochester blog will have more news the information is confirmed. I would welcome those who know the real story to contact me on the blog. There's a lot of people out there who miss this venue. —GregBell

2007-09-05 10:57:29   I've been seeing a number of hits on my blog [WWW]Jazz@Rochester from this page, indicating continued interest in the Clarissa Room and its fate. Currently, we have heard that the Clarissa Room will be re-opening as soon as their liquor license is in place. From what I heard, it will be under new ownership and management. Again, I would welcome those who know the whole story to contact me through the email link on Jazz@Rochester. There's a lot of people out there who miss this venue and I'd like to let them know what's up and when to expect the Clarissa Room to return. —GregBell