Compane Trattoria

25 Parce Avenue, Suite 140, Fairport, NY 14450
Hours (as of November 2020)
Tuesday - Thursday: 5:00PM to 9:00PM
Friday & Saturday:5:00PM to 10:00PM
585 678 4013
Wheelchair Accessible
<heather AT Companetrattoria DOT com>
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Compané Trattoria is an Italian restaurant in the village of Fairport. They have a large selection of wood-fired pizzas.

It originally opened on August 19, 2010, until a fire shut its doors on January 1st, 2011. It reopened on September 20, 2011. During November 2020, the owners moved to a larger location at The Cannery and changed the name from the original Compané Brick Oven Bistro. Their opening at the new location was postponed due to the Pandemic.

In 2023 they collaborated with Tin Cup Social to open ComTin Pizza and Provisions on Fairport Rd outside the village.


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2010-09-05 13:36:51   Went for dinner last night. Love what they did with the place. Very warm and cozy inside. The food was fair, not a lot of flavor. The bread comes out in a paper bag which was different but a little strange. The waitress brought oil and balsamic to dip the bread in, we had to ask for butter and what they gave us was unsalted butter. We started with the Arancini. They were still cold in the middle so we had to send them back. They did quickly fire another order which when cut into were steaming hot. They were ok, but the risotto inside was pretty plain and under seasoned. My wife got the risotto which was flavorful but maybe just tad undercooked. I tried the pasta vodka sauce, it was good, but again under seasoned with very little if any pancetta. We were a little disappointed that they didn't do anything about the cold Arancini but we will go back and give them another try. The menu and Ambiance are great. —tabascograz

2011-11-17 20:27:38   Good food, nice service - but increasingly a hangout for the self-appointed "beautiful people" of Fairport. —bionicsimmons

2011-12-10 15:29:20   Went in for dinner with 3 others last night and it was so loud in the bar area. The food was poor the chicken and veal parms were dry and over cooked. The marinara sauce was lumpy and lacked depth of flavor. The vodka sauce was nice and spicy but it tasted like it was store bought. The salads weren't bad but you could tell the greens were old and soggy. The service was ok the girl was nice and polite but seemed overwhelmed. The overall dining experience was sub par, with all the hype of comane —Stevestevenson

2011-12-10 15:32:18   Also wanted to mention that we were there late and the owners were drunk especially the one behind the bar. Will definitely not go back this place is so over rated —Stevestevenson

2012-03-27 11:30:20   We tried Compane for the first time last night. Although it does not look like much from the outside, the ambience is casual but very inviting. Compane has a large wine offering and a cosmo list in lieu of a martini list. However, we stayed with just water which was provided along with a bottle for self-service refills. I appreciate this as it ensures our glasses are never empty even if the server is less than attentive. Fortunately, service was excellent. We ordered the greens and beans appetizer, gnocchi trio, and linguini & frutti di mare. The food was not worth a return trip.

The meal was served with a small loaf of bread and an olive oil-balsamic dipping sauce. The bread comes out in a brown paper lunch bag. I was hoping that this unusual presentation was to preserve the bread’s warmth. This was clearly not the case as the bread was cold. I now suspect that the bag is to preserve freshness as the bread is not freshly baked throughout the evening.

The greens and beans were very salty. The broth and beans were good, but the escarole could have cooked down more to reduce the crunchiness. The escarole had too much salt and the added saltiness of the parmesan cheese only made it worse. Once again, I was so happy they left us an entire bottle of water.

The linguini & frutti di mare was tasty. It comes with your choice of clams or mussels (or both) and red or white sauce. We got clams and white sauce. The clams were very small but plentiful. I doubt I will return to Compane, but if we did, we would order this again. It was the best dish of the evening.

The gnocchi trio is advertised as homemade gnocchi served with pesto, Bolognese, and marinara sauce. It makes me so happy when I find a restaurant that serves delicious little clouds of potato goodness. Sadly, most gnocchi at restaurants are dense and heavy. Instead of being pillows of delight, Compane’s gnocchi were dense nuggets of dashed hopes. The marinara was the standout of the three sauces. It was thick and chunky with great flavor. The Bolognese sauce was a very bland meat sauce desperately needing less cream and more soffritto. Sickly green, bland, and floating in oil, the pesto sauce was shockingly bad. It appeared to be nothing more than poor quality alfredo sauce with added oil and basil. Something so bland and yucky can only be described as "bluck."

I live in Fairport and Compane is well within biking or even walking distance of my house, so I am disappointed that I will have to drive outside of the village in order to go to a decent Italian restaurant. In the future, I hope that Compane invests in a good Italian cookbook and takes the time to make food worth eating. —ChristineH

2012-04-07 15:12:14   Went there again recently (see 2010-11-17 review) and I'd have to say that the food quality has gone down along with the service. The constant is the drunken and loud conviviality of the "in crowd" throughout the restaurant giving off a sense of "what are *you* doing in here" to outsiders trying to enjoy a meal. I guess for the "right" people, this is "where everybody knows your name" but I'm not the "right" people. —bionicsimmons

2012-08-12 13:10:40   Went on Saturday night around 5:30pm. Was definitely nervous based on all of the reviews, but we had been given gift cards, so figured we didn't have anything to lose. They still do the cold bread in the paper back trick, which was just like a previous reviewer described. Kinda stale, and cold, and nothing special. We started our meal with the meat arancini which were good overall, but not esp meaty (next time I'd just go veg). Also got the wedge salad which was tasty, and close to an entire head of iceberg, so my husband and I actually split it as it was two enormous wedges. He got the gnocchi and I got a pizza. The waitress highly recommended the gnocchi, and the preparation of coming out with three different sauces was good. It wasn't the best we'd ever had, but it was definitly tasty. My pizza was excellent and definitely enough for two to split. We also got coffee and the choco chip cannoli (they said they were made in-house) and they were good and again, enough to share. We left with enough leftovers for another meal!
The only real downside about the experience was that there were two parties with noisy kids seated nearby. I did hear the host suggest to one party that they be seated outside (they declined), so they at least tried. Based on previous reviews I didn't think of it as a family place, but I can definitely see the appeal for the earlier dining crowd. Next time we go we'll go later, and probably split our orders. Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting much, but it definitely was better than I had anticipated. —jbeez