Connor's Cafe

Former Location
1793 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY 14526
CLOSED (Fall 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2008-08-14 08:21:57   They are so cool and their prices are very reasonable and the place is named after the owner's one year old son. Enjoy! —tammy

2008-12-16 15:58:08   I got hair in my food and the silverware is spotty. I took it up with the owner, and his customer service skills are seriously lacking. —Jessyka

2009-09-29 12:39:54   My wife and I took my parents here for lunch on Saturday afternoon. Atmosphere and decor are fantastic, but the food was mediocre at best. I enjoyed my chicken pesto sandwich, but my wife's tuna salad was gross, her hot soup arrived cold (not lukewarm but actually chilly), and we both found the soup (after it was sent back to be warmed up) to be almost completely flavorless. Its a shame that a place that obviously put so much time and care into the decor couldn't back it up with food that would make me want to eat here again. —KurtSample