Constable Hair Design

Barn Bazaar, 2851 Clover Street, Pittsford, NY 14534
Hours (as of February 2014)
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday: 7:00AM to 5:00PM
585 381 0332
<constable1939 AT live DOT com>

Constable Hair Design is a barbershop in the Barn Bazaar on the corner of Clover Street & Jefferson Road in Pittsford Pittsford. Park in the lot off Clover, near the Barn Bazaar entrance. Bernie Constable, the head barber, is a friendly guy who will keep you chatting away while cutting your hair. He is an old-school barber, and has been in the business for several decades.


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2011-11-29 13:54:38   Although Bernie is not the man who butchered my hair (Rick was) my experience with him has been anything but "friendly". When I called to complain about my haircut and ask for a refund he did not ask for me to come in to see what I was upset about, did not want to discuss it, and hung up on me. A section of hair approximately ten inches long was chopped off in front of my right ear and I can only wear my hair straight down now (no ponytail, can't put it behind my ear)in an effort to hide the missing piece. I was so anxious to get out of there (the place is a dump and Rick made me very uncomfortable) that I didn't notice that a whole section of hair was missing until after I left. I have *never* gotten such a bad cut and have never been treated with such disrespect. Bernie's only interest is in your money, not in providing a high level of service or a satisfied customer. He obviously does not care about repeat business. I had to go to another salon to have what *could* be fixed, fixed but it will take at least a couple of years for the section of chopped off hair to be the same length as the rest of my hair. I regret not turning around and walking out when I saw what it looked like inside even though I had purchased a coupon to this establishment. Better I had been out the money I spent on the coupon than a ten inch long section of hair! —RochesterConsumer

2013-08-22 16:41:14   Bernie has been cutting my hair for nearly 3 decades, and I trust no one else to cut my hair. Sure, he isn't getting any younger, but for everything involved [atmosphere/personality/cost] I refuse to have my hair cut anywhere or by anyone else!

Also, Come in on Saturdays, Joe the Barber is in, at least during the morning, and is an exceptional conversationalist if you know Italian, not to mention a master barber! No, "Baba da boopy!" is NOT Italian, no matter how funny it sounds coming from Peter Griffin... —BrettB

2014-02-05 00:43:07   Bernie Constable first cut my hair in 1963 at the 12 Corners "No Waiting Barber Shop." Bernie is a brilliant master barber and probably one of the smartest, nicest guys one could ever hope to meet. Talk to him about anything from sports to astrophysics and he's right-on. Perfect haircut every time. —DPetrano

2014-02-08 09:44:45   Bernie has cut my hair since I moved to Rochester in 1978 for graduate school at the UR. I have followed him through 4 moves (mostly further away from me!) because I like the job he does and our discussions during the haircut. —Landy