CounterFitFest was held on June 11th & 12th, 2005.

The premier of the festival was held at A/V in Rochester, NY, and featured fringe-oriented music from local, national, & internationally acclaimed artists.

Each evening presented an extremely dynamic set of players who's focus is on free improvisation (generating music without a score) & who’s backgrounds originate from a varied spectrum of classical, jazz, rock, punk, free, electro-acoustic, cracked electronics, invention and sonic experimentation. Acts were juxtaposed in a way that will produce unexpected results, as artists will be given the opportunity to collaborate with each other, sometimes for the very first time.

The festival exposed Rochesterians (and beyond) to exciting, challenging and innovative sounds and first time listeners should expect to be deeply surprised by the uniqueness and coherency of this unplanned music.

The space at A/V (no stranger to these sounds) provided an eclectic backdrop to the performances, showcasing visual installations & projections of local artists. A second, adjoining space accommodated both evenings of the expansive festival. Six acts were featured per night and Saturday evening culminate with a midnight dj / dance party. 1

Note: No records of more recent planned festival activity were found in a Google search during August 2008.


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2007-09-06 12:38:53   Does this festival still happen each year? Everything on their website refers to the 2005 festival. —AlexanderGartley