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This page is where differences in opinions about RocWiki pages are resolved, and notes are left from one contributor to another related to content.

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2006-04-30 05:39:07   I think we should move the pictures from this to the past events page to make the Critical Mass page smaller. It would also be nice to make thumbnailed pictures that link to large images. I would say it is better to upload them here than to flickr or somewhere offsite. —GirtsFolkmanis

2006-09-17 19:46:57   Anybody seen the news about John Dechau? [WWW] . I'd say ride like hell in the next CM. —ReidWightman

2006-09-29 22:26:18   Can we change the photo? —TedForsyth

2006-09-29 22:28:06   Also, on another note, we probably need to have a discussion about corking and single lanes. I feel that corking is necessary to keep the mass together regardless of red or green lights. I feel pretty disempowered tonight when people were telling me I was wrong to block traffic momentarily (non-militantly btw) so the mass could continue on. Anyway, i think this is something we need to address before the next mass. —TedForsyth

2006-10-08 19:19:47   I also feel that corking is necessary so that we can keep riding together as a group. But taking up all lanes just to annoy the drivers isn't. —GirtsFolkmanis

2007-03-15 04:17:13   The current page says, "To plan critical mass rides in Rochester or to find out when the next ride is happening, sign up for the Rochester Critical Mass mailing list." But this mailing list has been inactive since Aug 2006 (and it looks like several rides have taken place) so we should either remove this or start using the list server. —SimonBarnett

2007-03-31 17:09:46   Hmmm... having a new list might make sense. At the same time, removing it might also make sense. I'm good for both suggestions. —TedForsyth

2007-03-31 17:10:40   Also, it'd be cool to have listings on this page of all the places people can get bikes in town—especially for cheap or free depending on economic situation. So could people post that info here or to Rochester Indymedia? —TedForsyth

2008-07-11 11:31:25   I did a bunch of formatting changes. I switched the next regualrly scheduled ride into a table, which is smaller but with the colored boxes I think it is more visible. This way, the information is still easily accessible to CM regulars, but people (like me) who have no idea what CM is won't be confused when they first come to the page.

I paraphrased the statement from the official website in prose and tried to make it more Rochester relevant, but I left the original quote as an offset block quote in italics to make it clear where this quote is coming from.

Some of the later sections are still confusing and have some problems such as quotes that are unattributed, etc. Probably needs more revising, but I don't want to be too heavy-handed here. —JaySweet