Dana Miller


Dana Miller was elected in November, 2005 to a four-year term as one of the City of Rochester's five at-large Councilmembers. A life-long resident of Rochester, Dana attended Rochester City Schools and graduated from Jefferson High School in 1974. He received an A.A.S. degree from Monroe Community College in 1976 and began working full-time at Xerox Corporation. Dana continued his studies at the University of Rochester's Simon School where he met the requirements for a Bachelor's degree, and then graduated with an M.B.A. in 1989. He held a variety of management positions at Xerox in engineering, documentation, strategy, information systems, software development and left Xerox in 2007. He is currently VP, Development at the Rochester Area Community Foundation.

Dana has been active in numerous volunteer activities for almost 30 years including 2 terms as President of the 19th Ward Community Association, President of the NBN Sector 4 Common Council, Chair of the City Planning Commission, member of the City Environmental Commission, Vice President of Greater Rochester Fights Back.

Dana is also a member of the board of directors of the Sector 4 Community Development Corporation, and Unity Health Systems.

Dana, his wife, Freda and their children live in the City's Historic 19th Ward. 19th Ward

Dana was a member of the City's "South River Corridor Committee" in 1983 which proposed many changes to the east and west banks of the Genesee River. One major change was to redevelop the area at Genese Street and Brooks Ave. He has been working ever since to complete the Brooks Landing Development. Brooks Landing


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2006-03-03 17:53:12   Welcome to Rocwiki. I live over in Pl-Ex Neighborhood, so it's good to see somone involved on our side of the River on Rocwiki. —FarMcKon

2006-11-05 09:09:17   Hi Dana - Martha and I just saying hello. Glad you're taking care of the 19th Ward ;-) —FrankPetronio