DiPisa Old World Submarines

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Location Phone
196 Court Street, Rochester NY, 14604 [Directions] 585-232-6220
362 State Street, Rochester NY, 14608 [Directions] 585-454-3850
Court Street Location
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM to 3:00PM
State Street Location
Monday-Friday: 10:00AM-4:00PM
<info AT dipisa DOT com>

DiPisa Old World Submarines is a sub shop with locations on Court Street and State Street.


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2007-08-24 19:01:11   Their old world subs are good. For downtown, the best sub shop I have come across. They do bake their own bread —MrPhil

2008-12-03 20:20:30   These guys do make a tasty sub, many great varieties. Their bread is as good or better than any sub shop in the area, including Dibella's. It always tastes very fresh, slightly crispy on the outside, strongly recommended. They definitely do make the best sub in downtown that I know of. —AlexD1234

2008-12-06 10:49:54   I can only speak for the State Street location but this little slice of Italy serves up a consistently delicious torpedo on fresh bread. —BatGuano

2015-06-17 00:22:13   Well, that's it. DiBella's and Wegmans are now ruined for me.

DiPisa's is phenomenal. —sub619

2019-11-08 23:29:02   DiPisa's is under new ownership and closed the State Street location. —batguano