Ellison Park Apartments

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1 Bobrich Drive, Rochester, NY 14610 [Directions]
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Property Owner
Eastwood Management
Property Owner's Phone
585 244 2744
Eillson Park Apartments Phone
585 482 0756
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Ellison Park Apartments is an apartment complex located at 1 Bobrich Drive in the Browncroft Neighborhood near Ellison Park. The population is heavily composed elderly western European tenants, friendly and always on guard for the community with a watchful eye.

The construction is solid, making for good sound installation. Rooftop access is prevented by easily disabled magnetic sensors atop the doors.

Cable and Wi-Fi are included in the rent.

Parking is available along the road winding around the complex and behind several of the buildings. However, cars parked along the main road must be switched to opposite sides on a regular schedule weekly to allow access for plows and maintenance.


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2012-04-21 09:26:37   I have lived here for about a year,and plan on staying. The rent is cheap,the amenities are great,and best of all to me is the location.Convenient to everything.The tenants are also quiet.I love it here. —Raymond

2023-07-29 09:46:28   Current resident apt messed up from leak and peeling ceiling on wall-to-wall carpeting since early July all month straddled alone repair stop still not done. me what should I do? —wbhaig@gmail.com

2023-07-30 16:00:30   Please be aware that this page will not be seen by apartment management. Any problems need to be brought to the attention of the complex office, and if that doesn't work, contact the City of Rochester for help. —DottieHoffmann